if you'd like to have your voice heard and /or if you'd like to be part of the action, this package gives you the ultimate of everything. Join into the inner circle with the ability to vet and vote on products as part of the GAME. By way of gratitude you will receive unique offerings and special treatment. We welcome you to VIP experiences, specialty parties and backstage -- or on stage -- at awesome events. You will be interviewed by the official GAME correspondant where you can talk about yourself, your mission, message, innovations, events or philosophy. If you have a product, service or event that meets the guidelines you can have it featured as part of the GAME or its world tour of participating events. The Community App will then be created around your needs, which helps us, and also helps you advance yourself forward in the GAME.  You also get bragging rights because you get to be known for perpetuity as a PLATINUM Founding PARTNER helping to make this lofty project a huge success! 


      Founding Member Opportunity

      11 Spaces Left

      This is your ability to secure ownership in the company

      Toll-free: 877.969.3263
      Text/Tel: 647.995.3263