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I want to make this world a better place. I want people to be happier.  I have a dream. I have a mission. 


I created something people should know about. I created something that helps fit advancements or mind enhancements.


Happy to offer my resources, skills, venue, money, time, platforms, promotions or prizes to be a  pioneer in this launch

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Mix & mingle with people who can help you get your item known

Networking Events & Unique Opportunities


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Either to attend, host, showcase your service & network with fans

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Help guide the Initiative. Make your voice heard and needs known!  

Third Party Validation  & Interviews Featuring YOU


On-site interview with Daryl Gazey to help you share your story well

Testimonies from Influencers of Influencers


Vetting via Inner Circle, Advisors, Beta Testers & wellness influencers 

YOU are featured as part of the GAME's Launch:


Your Story, Your Why, Your Goals & Your Product 

The APP is Customized to Suit YOUR Wants & Needs


With John Acunto overseeing it, you are sure to win

You Get Recognized for being Socially Responsible


The sole products being featured care about the people & planet

Shopping cart opportunities for your good-for-ME items


Have your creation among the first featured in the store

Access Key Analytics to Further Boost Your Brand


Discover loyal users & learn their wants, desires & needs 

Discover Ambassadors authentic to your Brand


Doing so earns you privileges:  positioning, prizes, promotion

This initiative is based on donations rather than sponsorship. To activate yourself as a Launch Player simply donate at whatever level means something to you.