The World Tour

A compilation of existing events -- live and online -- such as fitness competitions, bodyproud meet-ups, global meditations, athletic games, wrestling matches, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, retreat getaways, mind enhancement seminars, fit advancement workshops, special showcase series, and unique vacation experiences.  Players earn  points by participating in events. They also earn privileges to become the event host, main performance act, or have their creations featured.



Become an Event Host, Performer, Innovator or Contributor in Year # 1 of the World Tour 

If you want to be part of the launch of the GAME's world tour of events and gatherings, then choose which you would most like to be:


I Want to Share

I have wisdom / skills that others would like to know / experience.


I Want to WoW

I have unique skills, special gifts, talents or different abilities



I created something cool that people should experience


I Want to Help

Offering my space, resources, financing, time or promotion


Upcoming Events

  • To Be Announced
    Toronto, Ontario
    To Be Announced
    Toronto, Ontario
    Featuring live muscle mannequins, yoga acrobats, and artists to their physique whose passion include treating their body as their art. Players can win the opportunity to showcase themselves, or attend as a VIP guest.
  • To Be Announced
    Private Function Afterwards
    To Be Announced
    Private Function Afterwards, Toronto, Ontario
    in alignment with the bodyproud initiative, this parade -- which attracts over 260,000 people -- reminds us to love ourselves and embrace who we really are. That's HUGE! Join us! The purpose is to celebrate you: your fit advancements, mind enhancements and proudME moments.
  • Mon, Jul 07
    San Francisco
    Jul 07, 2025, 5:30 PM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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Founding Member Opportunity

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