A Global Social Initiative


Uniting together to help each other love better how we think, feel, act, look & dream

Times are shifting. The pendulum has changed. 

Our goal is to align with like-minded others to form a  'tribe' and pool our talents, resources, and skills.


By helping each other, we help ourselves. As the quote goes "a rising tide helps all boats." So let's all pitch in and do our part to help the tide rise.

What do you think?

What we bring to the table is: platforms, pathways, opportunities, unique experiences & strategic connections to give everyone who helps with the launch of the "ReThinkFIT" and "be bodyproud" mindsets has the potential to turn this into a great opportunity to elevate themselves and their brand.

What we need from others is: support in the form of unification.  As times shift, it's no longer each to their own. It's time to become unified. We need to help each other get through this time period emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and financially. 


If you would like to be part of it and  Host Your Own Official ReTHINK FIT Challenge, contact us for all the juicy details about how to make it  a win-win-win for everyone involved. 

By way of contribution, please consider any or all of the following:

1. Contribute your time, skills, tools or resources  -->  eg. donate prizes // help out on the backend // publicity

2. Donate to the not-for-profit "BodyPROUD Social Initiative", a campaign within the ReThink Challenge 

3. Become a Founding Member / Investor / Patron to those in need 



Your Contributions are GREATLY Appreciated & Hugely Valuable

$10,000 USD +

Carmelo Bonovento

AJ & Genevieve Queveda

John Acunto

EP Snider

$5,000 USD +

Hilton Milan

Tony Priddle

Jodi Sampson

$1,000 USD +

Lisa Meller

Alice Stanley

Angela Argentina

Jonathan Nedeljkovic

Viren Parmar

Della Vorshuk

Andre Potvin

Keisha Luke

Henry Boulton

Jeannine Quinn

Dr Shelly & Kumar

Brian West


$500 USD +

Lorman Ip

Dr Norma Curby

Kim Jones

Ed Harrold

$180+ USD

Ian Walling 

Sharon Blady

Rosalie Dinkin

Up to $179 USD

Shelley Steele

Scott Miller
Kristi Lahusen
Alan Cohen

Jodi Barrett

Ashley Whetung

Donna Detwiller 

Derrick Sweet

Nathalie Delorme

Wael Abulatifeh

Joel Mandelbaum

Morry Zelcovitch

Grace Gillespie

Rosalie Dinkin

Sonia Paolini

Michelle Drake

Brendan  Vydelingm

Michelle Vydelingm

Jesse Buck

Founding Member Opportunity

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This is your ability to secure ownership in the company

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