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The BodyPROUD Initiative

Because Beyond Appearance... It's Who You Choose to Be! #bodyproud
 The definition of what it means to "Be FIT" must change. 

To be "FIT" must go beyond appearance.

It must include Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Social & Financial Health Too!
Is Needed!


Empowerment Pathways, Platforms, Privileges, Prizes, Promotions & Perks to be Happy, Healthful & Whole

Whether you're an innovator, inspiration, influencer or mission maker, your story is important. 

Together, we can reclaim what it means to be "FIT" by sharing our wisdoms,
making our voices heard, showcasing our talents, 
supporting each other's innovations, incentivizing gains,
empowering new awarenesses and inspiring transformations. 

Doing this, together we get to discover proven methods,
wholesome products and authentic social role models amongst us.  

Apply to be a Founding Member if you wish to be part of the Worldwide Launch!

Founding Members

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Platinum Contributor

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Established Brands

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Wellness Professionals

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Bronze Contributor

Suggested for: Solopreneurs

$250+ USD


of Initiative

Suggested for:
Anyone :)

up to $100 USD