Get "BodyPROUD" Certified

 Seal of Approval privileges for all healthful products, proven methods and authenticated role models  

The power is in the hands of the people whose authentic and unbiased experiences, proof of gains, breakthroughs and triumphs dictate which items are approved. Those that are earn the privilege to  use the "BodyPROUD seal of approval" on their packaging, in their promotions, on their website and on labels. They also  get prime positioning in the community store and are a featured part of the GAME

Fit Advancements, Mind Enhancements &  Dream Achievements

Categories include: 

Level 1: 

Submit your item for consideration by the Launch Team so that the Founders, stakeholders and select Advisory Members can experience, understand and approve it.  Apply only if your item is socially responsible, ecological, healthful and animal-friendly. Provide the Founders and members of the Inner Circle / Advisory Board with items and a 'challenge' to ensure the most effective and/or transformative experience.  This is done to encourage their awareness of the value of your innovation which could result in their own experiential testimonies being socially shared discussing your product / service / method / brand. 

Level 2: 

Once the initial approval is gained, you will be eligible to be part of the Beta-App and become one of the Launch Players. This means that you will have Influencers of Influencers exposed to your product and experiencing it. It's up to you if you want to offer give-aways, prizes, or discounts. You will also be interviewed by a third party for your profile, podcasts, promotion, and social shares through the network. 

Level 3: 

Next, your item will be vet and voted on by the professional wellness, fitness and empowerment cultures .  This consists of top level trainers, therapists, athletes, models, yogis, wrestlers, bodybuilders, dancers, gym owners, cheerleaders, wellness store operators, and event producers. They often come with an A type personality, are go-getters and early adopters capable of helping a company build their brand. Being that many resemble superheroes, or seem like superstars, they come with fans and followers. 


Level 4: 

At this point the GAME is brought to the public by way of those cultures. The individuals who have taken the lead earn this privilege and positioning. By now you would have discovered Brand Ambassadors. These are those who believe in what you created and have had their own experience of triumphs, breakthroughs or gains that have been socially shared.

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