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Kristi Lahusen

After 25 years of solo travel -- finding quiet, solitude and making new discoveries high on mountaintops, in back country roads, volunteering at wildlife conservation projects  or walking fashion runways -- Kristi decided her secret was too good not to share. Her lifestyle coaching company, Daring Solo Adventuresis about igniting curiosity, courage and taking action to explore new ventures– wherever that may be. It's helping people reclaim their “ME” time, shift their perspective, reconnect to nature, and add thrill, novelty and challenges to their lives by interrupting routine and finding restored purpose.

Ocean Bloom

Ocean travels the world working as a transformational bodywork healer   for high profile celebrities, athletes, first responders & trauma survivors. She founded Conscious Movement Therapy to balance

 physical fitness while nurturing the spirit. It is based on ancient forms of therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda, Martial Arts, Meditation, Thai Massage and Life Coaching.  Ocean is also an actress,  international author, speaker and FAME Pioneer as a Pro Champion in Fitness, Figure, Model & Natural Bodybuilding

Henry Boulton

Henry created FocusBand for the professional sports field and now he's ready to introduce it to the corporate sector. He worked as a performance consultant with 20+ Golf Tour Players; professional athletes in the AFL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NRL, IRB and the Men’s Tennis team who won the NCAA Division 1 Championship in 2014. These athletes significantly improved their World Rankings and  earnings after using FocusBand to assess their sleep quality against their performance, and overall productivity 

Tony Priddle

Tony is a Subconscious Mind Expert. As founder of MindMechanix University, Tony's mind coaching elicits transformative changes in high performers. A professional athlete himself, Tony played in the 

Rugby League in Australia (the NRL) for 7 years. As a result his passion  to optimize human performance was sparked. While still playing, Tony earned his Degree in Sports Science, mentored under thought leaders and opened his own school. 

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