Types of GAME Play


I Create

I am fuelled by a passion to produce unique healthful items

Grand Prize: Certified as "BodyPROUD Approved" 


I Empower

I help people love better how they think, feel, act, or look!

Grand Prizes: Pathways & Platforms to Empower Others


I Share

I am a mission-maker, athlete or artist with skills & stories

Grand Prize: Platforms Live & Online to Showcase & Share



I Begin

I pledge to up-level my selfcare & beta test the GAME

Grand Prize: Recognition &

Rewards for Breakthroughs 

Launch Challenges

Innovators / Influencers / Inspirations
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Sandra Francisco

Type of Player: Innovator

Business Development Mastermind

“You can have it all. You can profit while making an impact. LOVE is the necessary ingredient. You need to love what you are doing and who you are being to make an impact."

I have launched products, services and businesses for 20 years. I also have 10 years of 10,000 hours+ of personal growth education and experiences.  I can help anyone whose product, service, or platform is ready for the next level. If you believe in it, I believe in you. I see your potential and I help you achieve it.  I mirror back to you and guide you to create profit in your business and impact in the world.  

The Business Development Mastermind  program teaches business and personal development strategies to new entrepreneurs -- people transitioning from a job to a business who want to create financial freedom -- and those who wish to  go from idea to profit.​

This is specifically for players who are seeking to:


  • make a change in their life

  • create the business of their dream, vision,  passion

  • gain more fulfilment than now in their current career

  • go from idea to business launch

  • up-level their business 

  • experience financial freedom

  • work to be a better version of themselves

  • follow guidance & receive accountability 

  • profit in business while committing to personal growth


Sandra's Challenge:  In 3 months time, participating players will be transforming their dreams and goals into reality. Those who do, earn points, privileges, promotions and perks. This includes being given a platform to showcase their achievements live & online!  Sandra's Bio


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 Mind Enhancement Influencer

Release What's Holding You Back

“I promise to help you think differently about yourself. Who you see yourself as today is not who you truly are. You are much more than that. I want to show you that way of thinking is just a product of your education and experiences. It’s not who you truly are.“  

Tony Priddle is a 25 year veteran in the field of human performance. He is a past XRL player having been contracted to the St George Rugby League Football Club. He attended The University of NSW obtaining a Sports Science Degree, working both as a professional athlete and a Personal Trainer, Sports Specific Conditioner and Nutrition Adviser. His endless search for better performance lead him to where he is today - a Subconscious Mind expert. He now practices Subconscious Psychology which is the most advanced mind coaching change modality available, and has helped professional athletes to business executives get past plateaus, and achieve fit advances and mind enhancements.

Tony’s Challenge: I will show you your greatness that you can not yet see. I will help you redefine your potential. I will teach you how to change and it will change your life. Join me on a 30 day adventure.   Tony's Bio

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Casey James Combden

Known as "The Legend"

Business Development Mastermind

"My primary focus is to promote transformation by clearly identifying and focusing on the Unique Talents and Special Abilities each person has".


Casey appeared in the movie “Pass It On” (a sequel to “The Secret”), has spoken in front of millions at conventions worldwide and is the author of five books. He follows both eastern and western philosophies, and blends esoteric spiritual modalities & metaphysics, with the art & science of physiological & neurological change to empower transformation in anyone who is willing to transform.

Casey’s Challenge: ​I will help you measure all areas of your life and identify what you need to change up so as to produce your greatest return.  Take my Life Map Assessment now and again in 90 days. Those with an inspirational transformation wins a 3 month life coaching package from me. Earn Bonus points if you use any of the other Challenges to boost your gains.    Casey's Bio

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Owen Gonzales

Type of Player: Mission Maker

  Cure Over Care

"Championing Healthcare Reform, it is my mission is to eliminate disease instead of just treating the symptoms." 


It was never my intention to champion healthcare reform. I got sick though and experienced our healthcare system on a grand scale, firsthand. This process inspired within me an overwhelming desire to make healthcare better for everyone. That's how Cure Over Care™ started." 


In January, I received my ALS diagnosis. Months had passed since my first symptoms. Along the way I had been to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, the Duke University neurology center, and the University of California - Irvine medical center. I'd also experienced everything from acupuncture to yoga. I have researched and applied for clinical trials. However, I have yet to be accepted into any of them.

Using technology, I have researched hundreds of alternative treatments around the globe. All of these experiences have convinced me that I am - and must be - my own best advocate.  It is now up to us to cure ALS, once and for all.

Owen's Challenge: It's time to make change happen. If change is really going to occur, it cannot be just one voice, it will take millions of voices contributing towards common goals.  Owen's Bio

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Lorman Ip

Player Type: Inspiration

Kombucha Challenge

“I come from a cultural background steeped in history that included rituals surrounding tea.  I became intrigued in the mystery and mystical properties of its leaves”


Kombucha is a fermented tea, flavoured with fruit juices. This is why not all kombucha's taste the same. Lorman created 2 flavours of his own that mimic the taste of wine. Known as a healing elixir, it's no wonder Lorman, now a healer and ritual master, is so passionate about it.

Kombucha is the result of fermentation of a yeast bacterial culture that causes it to be naturally carbonated and full of probiotics (good bacteria, like in yogurt).  As such, reported health benefits are substantial: detox and cleansing, reduction of intestinal symptoms, balancing intestinal flora, a defense against bladder and kidney infection, and the production of an antibiotic effect that can help the body fight harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. It’s other words, it’s good to put in your body.

Lorman’s Challenge: 30 days. Swap out your pop, or coffee with kombucha. Share your breakthroughs and results. Any kombucha is good. Use mine -- Live Kombucha -- and earn extra points as part of the GAME. That’s my way of thanking you!  The person whose share is inspiring to me gets a kombucha party keg... on me. Good luck!

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Seeking Retreat Hosts

My passion revolves around making magic happen for people. I partner with organizations that host destination-based vacations to reward, recognize and inspire their staff or clients. As a strategic partner supporting the BodyPROUD Initiative now not only do I get to reward the goers on the trips, but also the resort owners too”

With nearly 20 years of hands-on professional event management doing something she loves, Lisa delivers high-end, high-level events around the globe that incentivizes people to be their best, and rewards them with R & R and VIP experiences.

Lisa’s Challenge: Seeking resorts, retreats and venues who have something unique and special for those wanting a BodyPROUD getaway vacation. I am also seeking influencers who wish to lead these retreats. I challenge you to prove to me why you qualify. If you do, you get to be included as a pitstop on the GAME’s official World Tour!   Lisa's Bio


Above are examples of Challenges. These are subject to change once GAME is LIVE!

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