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CEO & Co-Founder

A social network that pays its users for posting original content, via a percentage of ad revenue generated as a result. Tsu is different from Facebook or Instagram because it distributes half of the platform’s revenue to its users, while traditional social networks get all the profit without sharing anything with content creators. The usage of the site is free. Membership is invite-only. Here's Your Invitation to join the Initiative within the tsu community.

Henry Boulton

Focus Band
Chief Innovation Officer

FocusBand is a wearable brain training system. It uses neurofeedback to measure

and train the mental process, to improve results and rewire beliefs. It acts as a closed loop system where users

experience the optimal brainwave state via audible & visual feedback. Results are transmitted to a mobile device. It is ideal for enhancing sports 

performance, business engagement, mindfulness and deeper sleep. 

Conscious Movement Therapy

Ocean's programs produced many athletic champions and supported countless individuals in accomplishing their personal health and fitness goals. After winning several World Championships in Fitness Competitions, Ocean felt drawn to nurture the spirit as well, and integrate it with fitness. Conscious Movement Therapy is based on  an ancient form of transformational healing and therapeutic yoga massage and meditation.

Ashley Whetung

Geti Cosmetics


After a lifetime as an athlete  who worked in the health-tech world, when Ashley got sick, she wondered why. She was already attentive to her diet and leading a healthful lifestyle. When she realized ingredients in her makeup and personal care products -- including some “natural” alternatives --  were full of chemicals and heavy metals, she felt let down. So she she set out to do better and made her own. Ashley's makeup is actually makeup you can eat: foraged beauty to feed your skin. Support Ashley and the BodypROUD Initiative by using this link. 


A human performance improvement company that utilizes the most effective tools available to facilitate rapid transformative change in the human mind. MindMechanix works with individuals, professional athletes and business people, to improve performance in any aspect of life and show what the body is truly capable of.

Relationship Biohackers

Helping anyone upgrade their relationship status from roommates to soulmates through proven relationship biohacks and neuroscience techniques. We're here…to show you what’s possible with your body, relationships, and sex life AND we're here to help you change yours to be ideal 

Paradigm Support Foundation

My purpose is to disrupt the old structure of the Mental Health Sector and promote a better one for the future. I collaborate with many organizations, companies and advocacy groups. There are many options not being presented to our fractured system, and my purpose is to bring these options to light.

Cure Over Care

Most people believe ALS  leads to death. Not me. I am confident we'll develop a  cure.  It can’t be done alone. I can’t do it without you.  While the muscles in my arms and legs no longer move, a team of doctors, scientists and alternative health providers  are fighting with me to change the outcome of ALS

Ma8trix 8 Week Program

Discovering that her genetics predisposes her to obesity and high cholesterol, Laura used her innate passion for fitness and nutrition to fuel her quest to cure herself and
 help others beat similar odds. She then became one of the first people to earn a Master Degree in Functional
Medicine & Human Nutrition. She then launched Ma8trix to empower behaviorial shifts in food, fitness, behavior and mindset helping anyone feel more fulfilled in their life.

Doug Reynolds

Low Carb USA Certified

Having helped himself feel better in his own body, in 2015 Doug co-founded LowCarbUSA® which has become a platform for scientists, entrepreneurs, and the medical community to share research & findings on ketogenic lifestyles. The organization also produces scientific conferences, provides online coaching, and hosts a comprehensive library database of ‘Low Carb Friendly’ healthcare providers and nutritionists. 

Life With Breath

Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU is a journey in discovering the mind-body relationship that is linked through breath and how this serves as a basis for reducing stress and anxiety, improving health and well-being, building resilience, improving performance and breaking bad habits. Ed's book blends neuroscience and the wisdom of traditions  to improve well-being in Corporate America, and for athletic performance and individual health. 


 Functional Integrative Training & Health Optimization Program "FIT HOP" is an interdisciplinary fitness program and workshop series that engages individuals and groups through the power of rhythm and rhyme integrating 

movement, music & message.

FiIT HOP recognizes restlessness can be channeled into meaning and aspirational living, reframing ADHD, as Attention Dialled Into Higher Dimensions.  Certifications coming soon for like-minded, like-spirited, gifted individuals.

Ed Harrold

Kindred Kitchens

The Detox Project

Live Kombucha

Keisha Luke 

Keisha Luke Nutrition

Lorman Ip

Jonathan Nedeljkovic


International Academy of Wellness

health jar

The Arthritis Health System

Geti Cosmetics

Meller Performance

Fitness Jobs

Wellife Center

Gazey Fitness

The Phytogenic Chef

Pink Dreams

Karma Financial

The Magnetic Leader

Karma Financial

Neurological Wellness Association

MOVE mind body soul studio

Jones Strength

Iced: The Illusory Treatment

Scott Miller

 Conscious Water