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CEO & Co-Founder

A social network that pays its users for posting original content, via a percentage of ad revenue generated as a result. Tsu is different from Facebook or Instagram because it distributes half of the platform’s revenue to its users, while traditional social networks get all the profit without sharing anything with content creators. The usage of the site is free. Membership is invite-only. Here's Your Invitation to join the Initiative within the tsu community.

Focus Band
Chief Innovation Officer

FocusBand is a wearable brain training system. It uses neurofeedback to measure

and train the mental process, to improve results and rewire beliefs. It acts as a closed loop system where users

experience the optimal brainwave state via audible & visual feedback. Results are transmitted to a mobile device. It is ideal for enhancing sports 

performance, business engagement, mindfulness and deeper sleep. 

Conscious Movement Therapy

Ocean's programs produced many athletic champions and supported countless individuals in accomplishing their personal health and fitness goals. After winning several World Championships in Fitness Competitions, Ocean felt drawn to nurture the spirit as well, and integrate it with fitness. Conscious Movement Therapy is based on  an ancient form of transformational healing and therapeutic yoga massage and meditation.

Ashley Whetung

Geti Cosmetics


After a lifetime as an athlete  who worked in the health-tech world, when Ashley got sick, she wondered why. She was already attentive to her diet and leading a healthful lifestyle. When she realized ingredients in her makeup and personal care products -- including some “natural” alternatives --  were full of chemicals and heavy metals, she felt let down. So she she set out to do better and made her own. Ashley's makeup is actually makeup you can eat: foraged beauty to feed your skin. Support Ashley and the BodypROUD Initiative by using this link. 


A human performance improvement company that utilizes the most effective tools available to facilitate rapid transformative change in the human mind. MindMechanix works with individuals, professional athletes and business people, to improve performance in any aspect of life and show what the body is truly capable of.

Relationship Biohackers

Helping anyone upgrade their relationship status from roommates to soulmates through proven relationship biohacks and neuroscience techniques. We're here…to show you what’s possible with your body, relationships, and sex life AND we're here to help you change yours to be ideal 

Paradigm Support Foundation

My purpose is to disrupt the old structure of the Mental Health Sector and promote a better one for the future. I collaborate with many organizations, companies and advocacy groups. There are many options not being presented to our fractured system, and my purpose is to bring these options to light.

Cure Over Care

Most people believe ALS  leads to death. Not me. I am confident we'll develop a  cure.  It can’t be done alone. I can’t do it without you.  While the muscles in my arms and legs no longer move, a team of doctors, scientists and alternative health providers  are fighting with me to change the outcome of ALS

Doug Reynolds

Low Carb USA Certified

Having helped himself feel better in his own body, in 2015 Doug co-founded LowCarbUSA® which has become a platform for scientists, entrepreneurs, and the medical community to share research & findings on ketogenic lifestyles. The organization also produces scientific conferences, provides online coaching, and hosts a comprehensive library database of ‘Low Carb Friendly’ healthcare providers and nutritionists. 

Life With Breath

Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU is a journey in discovering the mind-body relationship that is linked through breath and how this serves as a basis for reducing stress and anxiety, improving health and well-being, building resilience, improving performance and breaking bad habits. Ed's book blends neuroscience and the wisdom of traditions  to improve well-being in Corporate America, and for athletic performance and individual health. 


 Functional Integrative Training & Health Optimization Program "FIT HOP" is an interdisciplinary fitness program and workshop series that engages individuals and groups through the power of rhythm and rhyme integrating 

movement, music & message.

FiIT HOP recognizes restlessness can be channeled into meaning and aspirational living, reframing ADHD, as Attention Dialled Into Higher Dimensions.  Certifications coming soon for like-minded, like-spirited, gifted individuals.

Kindred Kitchens

The Detox Project

Live Kombucha

Keisha Luke 

Keisha Luke Nutrition

Lorman Ip

Winning Online

In 2019, Joel launched his #1 Bestselling book, Winning Online – Increase
Your Visibility and Crush Your Competition
”. It hit #1 in 6 categories on Amazon. It also
reached the #2 spot of the top 100 paid kindle books. Joel’s focus is to help people disrupt their competition online, control their online reviews and bring significant traffic to their websites. His passion is in helping others to succeed in marketing so as to  help them build their business.


The power to FLY first begins with you. In order to soar you must first learn to LOVE Yourself! FLYgirls INC creates opportunities to EMPOWER women and young girls through events, workshops, retreats, online courses and programs in mindset, health, fitness and wellness. When we lead with our heart and  share our pain & experiences  it allows others to open up and heal old wounds too. When you learn from others and develop your own voice, you are truly powerful beyond measure.

Muscle Vodka

As a personal trainer, fitness competitor and nutritionist, Grace came to the realization that she and MOST of her fitness clients still want to enjoy adult beverages, yet there was nothing out there she would recommend. So, instead of banning alcohol from meal plans, Grace

 decided to create her own  TRAINER APPROVED cocktail.

"If they're gonna drink, I want them to know WHAT they are drinking and know that they are getting a TRAINER APPROVED beverage!"

Matthew Belair


Zen Athlete

Zen Athlete: A Guide to Self-Mastery is a compilation of peak performance, sport psychology & mental training tactics. As a result athletes  achieve incredible results (including nitro circus FMX rider Brodie Carmichael who  did the world's 1st front flip superman on a motorcycle.

Zen Athlete was written to give youth and sports enthusiasts tools to master themselves and achieve whatever they want in life. Author, Matthew Bellair, aims to redefine sport culture and popularize the mental game of athletics, and what it means to be a winner. 

Morry Zelcovitch

The Morry Method "TMM"
Brainwave Technology

Proprietary technology / methodology using sound to evoke certain brainwave states to let listeners increase brain power and transform their life automatically,  simply by listening.
 "If your life is nothing but joyful, The Morry Method™ can provide a pleasurable enhancement to take it up a notch. More importantly, if you are struggling with any aspect of your life — or if you are living with stress in any of it’s incarnations — The Morry Method™ of brainwave entrainment can help."

Michele Miller

My First Workout


An award winning, mom-founded company on a mission to build stronger family connections and instil  fitness so as  to improve the health of all our children. She assists parents in building essential lifestyle habits from the earliest moments in their child’s life. This  progressive strength and conditioning program focuses on enhancing performance and preventing injuries in children 5 - 10 years old. The key to a healthier tomorrow is getting kids involved today. 

INFOFIT Educators
School for Fitness Pros

It is my career purpose to enhance the quality of leadership in the health and fitness industry. Teaching is my strongest passion, and I consider it my responsibility,
as a true educator, to develop educational literature, seminars and courses for both the public and fitness professionals
that are informative, up-to-date, entertaining, and well researched.  This includes exam preparation courses for aspiring fitness leaders & CECs for certified fitness professionals.

Entomo Farms


Insect protein provides incredible environmental & health benefits, beyond traditional protein. It's packed with  vitamins, minerals and fibre, and it has an incredibly sustainable carbon footprint. It is a perfect solution for  a lifestyle of health and sustainability. I sold my business to start an insect farm with my brothers dedicated to raising them for human consumption. It is now North America's 1st and largest insect farm. That is the history of the Future of Food.

Manish Behl

Mindfulness India Summit


Asia’s largest conference on Neuroscience-based Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness, well-being and Positive Psychology. Through this the conference
showcases Mindful Tools, Practices & Benefits that can be used in the workplace and day to day life. More than 300 Mindful leaders from leading organizations as joining as participants in the summit, including Scientists, Global leaders, Change makers, Gurus and Practitioners will discuss excellence, purpose, leadership and health through scientific research and data points to facilitate physical and mental wellbeing and cultivate inner peace.

Jesse Buck

The Big Love


Community Visionary, Yoga Teacher, Cacao enthusiast, DJ & Sound Healer, Jesse offers retreats, community events, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances, sound journeys with sacred instruments & parties culminating  in “The Big Love Cacao Ceremony Ecstatic Dance” he hosts with his soul brother Darren Austin Hall.  Jesse plays crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency of 432hz, allowing for deep states of relaxation and healing with guided meditation.His mission is to create more Conscious Communities, inspire others to become empowered and co-create the golden age!

Owners & Founders

Entrepreneurs with over thirty years combined experiences, Brandon & Michele served as major catalysts in the expansion of multiple companies into Canada and abroad. Over the past year, they have embarked on a new journey in the CBD Wellness space. "After putting your heart and soul into something for many years, and seeing so many people still suffering with ill health and misinformation we started looking at things differently. I started researching nutrition and CBD for health, learning many are not getting the necessary nutrients and are hooked on chemical medication, so we made a change.

Jonathan Nedeljkovic


International Academy of Wellness

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The Arthritis Health System

Meller Performance

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Wellife Center

Gazey Fitness

The Phytogenic Chef

Pink Dreams

Karma Financial

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Jones Strength

Iced: The Illusory Treatment

Scott Miller

 Conscious Water

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