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Platinum Recognition
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Includes Diamond Perks, plus:

  • Founding Member Status

  • Industry Data & Analytics

  • VIP Experiences

  • Mastermind Sessions Live/Online


$10000+ USD
(or up to 10 payments of $1000)

Diamond Recognition

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Includes Gold Perks, plus:

  • Enhanced Profile

  • Relevant  Data & Analytics

  • Publicity: Featuring YOU!

  • Exclusive Opportunities


$2500+ USD
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Gold Recognition

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Includes Silver Perks, plus:

  • Interview to Capture your Story

  • Pathways & Platforms Privileges

  • Masterminding with Core Team 

  • Shopping Cart Accessory 


 $1500+ USD
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Silver Recognition

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Includes Bronze Perks, plus:

  • Strategic Partner Status

  • Customization of Your Profile 

  • Privilege to Issue a GAME, Challenge, Contest or Dare


 $1000+ USD
(or up to 4 payments of $250)

Bronze Recognition




Includes Friend Perks, plus:

  • Inner Circle Membership

  • Networking & Collaboration

$500+ USD
(or 2 payments of $250)




Includes Supporter Perks, plus:

  • Profile as part of the Launch

  • GAME Play Badges

$300+ USD

(or up to 3 payments of $100)





Includes Contributor Perks, plus:

  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Private Group Invite

$150+ USD

(or up to 3 payments of $50)






  • Head Start Privileges

  • Special Offers

up to $25 USD
(or up to 5 payments of $5)



Carmelo Bonovento

AJ & Genevieve Queveda

John Acunto

EP Snider


Hilton Milan

Tony Priddle

Jodi Sampson




Lisa Meller

Alice Stanley

Angela Argentina

Jonathan Nedeljkovic

Viren Parmar

Andre Potvin

Keisha Luke

Henry Boulton

Jeannine Quinn

Dr Shelly & Kumar


Lorman Ip

Dr Norma Curby

Kim Jones

Ed Harrold


Ian Walling 

Scott Miller
Kristi Lahusen
Alan Cohen

Jodi Barrett

Ashley Whetung

Donna Detwiller 

Derrick Sweet

Sharon Blady

Nathalie Delorme

Wael Abulatifeh

Joel Mandelbaum

Morry Zelcovitch

Grace Gillespie

Rosalie Dinkin

Sonia Paolini

Founding Member Opportunity

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