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Ocean Bloom 

 World Champion Fitness Pro


After Ocean sculpted herself into a human superhero, she became drawn to learn how to nurture the spirit as well. She developed Conscious Movement Therapy to integrate fitness with  therapeutic yoga, massage, mindset & meditation. It is based on an ancient form of transformational healing 

Ian Walling

Pro Bodybuilding Champion


Ian is a World Champion and pioneer of Natural Bodybuilding. As an artist he drew the body he wanted and then became it. Through this he came to realize physical excellence goes beyond strength and appearance. Ian is now a life coach, wellness trainer & retreat leader

Andre Bland

Fitness Model Pro

Andre is a fitness model who also became a professional bodybuilder at a young age. He entered the professional ranks as a junior and competed amongst the best in the culture, earning himself 1st runner up position at the Worlds. Andre also works as caricaturist: making people smile, doing what he loves.

Ian Farrar

Masters Elite Cyclist

Ian is a wellness advocate and educator for over 25yrs. As a plant based Athlete, Ian began to excel in cycling winning many  top 10 finishes in the Masters Elite category.  He now works with people who take responsibility for their life and health goals


Lisa Meller

Masters Diving Champion

Lisa is the USA  National Champion for her age group & synchronized diving events. In 2012 after rejoining the sport on a BodyProud Challenge she became the FINA Masters World Record springboard holder and remains undefeated: Diving brings me peace & balance. I feel 16 again when I’m flying through the air. Every practice I find my WHEEEEE moment!. My challenge for everyone else:  Do at least 1 thing you haven’t done for years – cannonball into the pool again & have a laugh! Get out of your comfort zone and get busy living!

Tony Priddle

X-NRL Player

Tony Priddle is an Australian former footballer who played in the 1990s. I played three reserve grade games in 1997, then did my knee and was out for the year. I stayed another two years after that before hanging up the boots and getting a real job. My wage went from $200K to $32K, so it was a reality check to say the least ... I can see why a lot of players struggle post-football. After that Tony followed his passion to help others transition from sport to mainstream, and to help professional athletes upgrade their game. How? Mindset Training!  

Kim Jones


Kim has an impressive roster of Professional athletes, 

Hollywood actors and singers.  She is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at El Camino College,

implementing training programs for 21inter-collegiate sports, such as: Speed Skating, Irish Dancing, Outrigger Canoe, Football, Men's & Women's Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Golft, Water Polo, Swimming, Diving, & Tennis. She also hosts a podcast to empower athletes  to develop as CHAMPIONS in all areas of life,   

Lee Davy

Pro Fitness Model

A former gym guy and, Lee is a hybrid-aggregate wellness specialist, trainer of trainers & coach of coaches about unique mindful practices and fierce conditioning regimens, such as ice baths, energy healing & medicinal plant journeys. Lee speaks at wellness  conferences worldwide, is a founding family member of the Imiloa Institute, member of the Core Council of Odyssey, Co-Founder of Woke Online. He also hosts personal development retreats in paradise destinations around the world. 


Matthew Bellair

Matt is considered a thought leader in the field of consciousness, flow state, and peak performance. His mission is to make mental training for sport go mainstream. He is the host of the top-rated podcast -- reaching #1 in itunes Health in 5 countries -- the Master Mind, Body and Spirit show featuring experts in the field of consciousness, spirituality and personal development.  Matt is a true seeker of knowledge who relentlessly pursues mastery within himself: Trekking Mount Everest, training with 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Masters in China, meditating with monks in Nepal, and teaching snowboarding around the world. He is now the best selling author of Zen Athlete: A Guide to Self-Mastery.

Ava Cowan

Figure Pro

A 20 time magazine cover model, Ava was featured in virtually every fitness magazine in the world. Equipped with brains, beauty and brawn, Ava's vast knowledge of exercise science along with her unbelievably inspiring story led her to be one of the most talked-about  ambassadors in the fitness industry. Her following escalated into over 1 million devoted online followers making her a social media phenomenon. During this time, life-altering events took place that became the catalyst for her profound
awakening and decision to leave behind anything not in alignment with her core truth.Since then, Ava has devoted her entire life to her awakening process
and soul evolution. With that new understanding Ava is keen on sharing her experience with others and assisting in any ways she feels guided.


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