Business Advisors

John Acunto

John is a C-Level Executive in the technology sector actively developing social platforms for over 20 years. He worked with the worlds largest technology companies -- IBM, Apple, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook -- at the highest levels. He was CEO of Outernet, providing disruptive breakthrough technology in music distribution. He was CEO of Play Gig-it, the world's largest interactive music /gaming social entertainment experience. John was Chairman and CEO of Adsouth Partners, a Nasdaq publicly traded retail advertising firm. John’s the recipient of three Addy Awards, and several technology achievement awards.  His most recent ventures include augmented reality, a Facebook music platform with an emphasis on social music distribution, machine learning and AI ventures.  John brings an enormous arsenal of knowledge and is acting as CEO to help oversee the development & implementation of the FAME Game.

Eric is the former Vice-President of CARP (the Canadian equivalent of AARP, and one of the country's largest and most impactful not-for-profits.) 
Eric has served on the board of Zoomer Media Ltd from 1999-2008. His work at CARP provided a broad base of expertise in issues relating to the 50+ demographic in North America and Western Europe: income needs, health issues, housing and residential alternatives, access to medications, and recreational activities. Eric is also an Online acquisition specialist with line management experience including Internet marketing, website development, SEO/SEM and  management of social networks. Eric is currently the Marketing Manager of Canadian Music Week and the O'Cannabiz Conference and Expo. He continues to serve on boards of private corporations & charitable organization including this initiative to bring 

benefits and advocay to members

Casey Combden

With a vast amount of experience in the Empowerment Space, Casey has built -- and maintained -- communities of more than 250000 people. Casey has owned and consulted for 25+ businesses spanning financial services, wealth management, corporate structuring, health and wellness, publishing, wholesale, real estate, venture capital, and automotive industries. An author of 5 books, Casey appeared in the movie “Pass It On” (a sequel to “The Secret”), and has spoken in front of millions in conventions around the world. He created a sales training and recruiting organization that rivals the largest companies in the world. His coaching philosophy is founded on furthering human potential through advanced awareness, using a blend of esoteric spiritual modalities and metaphysics as well as the art and science of physiological and neurological change.


Eric Vengroff

Sandra Francisco

Sandra spent 15 years working for Fortune 10 Companies as a leader in Information Technology and Marketing.  She helped manage multiple 100 million dollar projects. As a leader in one of Canada’s top 5 corporations, Sandra was responsible for developing and executing take to market strategies for $50-100 million dollar projects. Focusing on human potentiality, she now helps visionaries and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into profit.  Her unique talent of developing business strategies and structure to execute vision provide clarity and direction to business owners and entrepreneurs across North America. 

Hilton G Milan

Leader of the Canadian Political Party for People with Special Needs (PPSN). Hilton is a prodigy classical concert pianist who also graduated university well before his time. As a result Hilton boasts a 40+ year career as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Having founded Telecorp Canada , a telecommunications company, and Spiritas Capital,Inc, a firm connecting investors and entrepreneurs, and has worked with billion dollar projects in nutraceuticals, aerospace, AI, and emerging technology.  After losing his eyesight Hilton changed his focus to personal healing and is now certified as a yoga instructor

Steven Argintaru

A Gemini Award- winning Senior Producer at TSN, Canada's national sports network. Steven has spent nearly a quarter of a century working in various leadership positions in the TSN newsroom, and has covered numerous high-profile sports events including Olympic Games, Stanley Cup Finals, World Series and MLB All-Star Games. He is currently the Senior Producer of SportsCentre, the most comprehensive sports news program in North America featuring  highlights, scores, exclusive interviews and sports information from around the world. Steve is also a consultant to the indie wrestling circuit.

Alan Cohen

Alan has been passionate about the health and fitness industry for over 4
decades. He held numerous management marketing positions in clubs across the country, and opened 10 clubs of his own. Alan also founded 21 years ago. While it started as a hobby, the online career site has helped over 10,000 fitness employers find qualified staff and hundreds of thousands of job seekers find opportunities. Alan’s newest entrepreneurial venture is The Arthritis Health System, an e-commerce,
remedy recommendation and inspiration-filled site for arthritis sufferers, created by Alan, an arthritis sufferer.  

Lisa Meller

Lisa served as President of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). She is an award-winning event strategist and incentive specialist for destination events, retreats, tours, meetings and excursions. Lisa is the current FINA Masters World Record holder on the 1 m springboard, and has held that title undefeated since 2012 when she was inspired to be "bodyproud" and re-entered the sport. She is also the reigning USA Masters Diving National Champion for Women’s diving in her age group, and for synchronized diving events.  Lisa is the Vice Chair for USA Masters Diving.

Owen Gonzales

Former Financial and Information Technology auditor for Ernst & Young -- and -- Senior Manager at Disney, responsible for IT Audits for ABC, ESPN, Theme Parks Division, Motion Pictures, Disney Stores, Apparel & Manufacturing Division. Owen created, Ones We Love, a consulting firm that increases the value of platforms via creative marketing strategies. Recent start-up clients achieved a valuation of over 60 million. Owen also produced events with 15,000 people in attendance and 50,000 watching his live NYE broadcast.


Dr Norma Curby

Former VP and GM at Monsanto, Dr Norma switched her focus to be more holistic. She is now a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Sports Nutritionist & owner of Wellife Centre.  Dr Norma was also VP of an $18 billion dollar global company where she oversaw long range growth, development and sustainability for socially responsible energy and environmental solutions. She is also a senior executive for Fortune 50 Corporations. 

Jennifer Ettinger

 Jennifer is a correspondent for CTV, ET, Vanity Fair, Insider and Access Hollywood. She covers Red Carpets, Launches, Up Fronts, the Golden Globes and Oscars. As Canada’s first Social Media Correspondent, she is a member of the most influential social media incubators and collaborators, and is a globally-connected powerhouse. Jennifer is also a Social Media Strategist creating true, amplified brand awareness across multiple platforms.


Henry Rowlands

Henry' founded Sustainable Pulse which has a readership of over 1 million people per month from over 125 countries. Having worked as news Journalist, Henry set up The Detox Project to solve issues he discovered in the field. The Detox Project enables people globally to test themselves and their food for toxic chemicals, and certifies products "Glyphosate Residue Free". Henry is also an adviser on sustainable agriculture to a number of governments in the EU.


Nile Said

Previous COO of Zumba Shop Canada which he built into a multi-million dollar operation in alignment with Zumba Fitness. Nile is also a business start-up coach and co-founder of MOVE Mind Body Soul Studio with his wife, Tamara. As a former Canadian Zumba® Education Specialists, Nile traveled across Canada leading Zumba Fitness sessions and classes, bringing his knowledge and passion for fitness to every participant he teaches. Nile has worked closely with Zumba and its creators at internationally recognized conferences.

Kevin Weaver

Producer-Director for ESPN of Fitness-based TV Shows. Kevin also  produces, distributes and markets fitness videos while securing endorsement contracts for hundreds of fitness personalities across North America. Kevin has a thorough understanding of TV, video production, editing, distribution and marketing, as well as securing  multi-million dollar endorsements for fitness, model and athlete talent. He also organized promotional events for Liz Claiborne, Power Bar, and the Home shopping Network.

Glenn Silver

A Health Food Industry Executive. Glenn worked in the Natural Food industry for over 30 years. He has vast experience connecting product innovators to manufacturers, retailers, He owned a distribution company specializing in natural foods, cosmetics and select supplements. He then founded Simple Treasures, specializing in gluten free, nut free cereals. Glenn sold Simple Treasures and has several projects he is pursuing.  Glen is a third degree black belt.


Joel Mandelbaum

Joel passionately helps businesses succeed. At 19 he started his own business which expanded into the United States and maintained a leading edge in technology and staff team development, winning the Business of the Year award from the Toronto Board of Trade. Today Joel is a partner and strategic technology consultant for  iOPW -- Increasing Online Presence Worldwide, a disruptive technology company --  to help clients disrupt their competition, control their reviews and bring significant traffic to their websites. In 2019, Joel's book Winning Online – Increase Your Visibility and Crush YourCompetition” hit #1 in 6 categories on Amazon and reached the #2 spot for kindle's top 100 paid books.

Ken Fay

Passionate about the narrative, Ken is an Emmy Award winning visual storyteller. He has extensive experience in media as a writer, director, producer & production manager around the world. He brings a wealth of experience in creating original content and has  a proven track record successfully coaching individuals, businesses, non-profits & organizations develop campaigns to boost market share, help brands find their voice and increase their viewership. Ken also volunteers as a disaster response K9 Handler providing compassion work.

Sharon Blady

Once a single mom on social assistance, and as suicide survivor and domestic violence thriver, Sharon then became a  mental health advocate and keynote speaker in areas worldwide.  Asked to run for office, she was elected into the Manitoba Legislature, where she crafted two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation.  Sharon was promoted to Minister of Health and was responsible for a $6 billion health department budget. She also engaged in policy making, service delivery & crisis management. She then went public with her own mental health diagnoses shedding light on the assets lived experiences bring to high-level leadership and decision-making. 


Patrick Rivera

In 2010, Rivera produced a critically acclaimed hit, The Evolution of
a feature documentary sold in 27+ countries and considered
by IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) to be the 5th greatest bodybuilding movie ever made. In 2013 he produced ASF25 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports
Festival. The film is still downloaded or rented 150+ times a month. He still produces material for Muscular Development magazine, RX Muscle for Men, RX Muscle for Women, the NPC (The National Physique Committee) and "Wings of Strength". He is also n accomplished musician and is named as a top 100 influential Latino leader in Orange County. 

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