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"I’ve witnessed millions of people polarized by the misnomer that success is siloed in physical excellence or mental emotional superiority. To shift the social norm, we have to shift the influencers and their messaging. Underlying the GAME is Life Map Technologies, a proprietary method, to help people gain awareness in all areas of their life, and, therefore make advances"

Casey founded Human Potential International, an advanced awareness organization empowering people with intelligence for their lives. He is one of the top direct selling leaders in the world, has built & lead organizations of 500,000+, spoken on the largest stages, was featured in Pass It On with cast from The Secret & produced hundreds of hours of audio, video & written material on business, life & success.   


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"I am here because I know that one method alone will not change the world. No one program is effective for everyone. The change we need in this world is to work together, share ideas, and pool tools and information." 

Tony Priddle is a past professional athlete who played in the National Rugby League (NRL). That experience coupled with Tony’s passion to improve performance, led him to study psychology. Today Tony is a Subconscious Mind Expert. He founded MindMechanix as a way to provide advanced mind coaching that elicits transformative change in high performing individuals. Tony primarily works with professional athletes and business executives who wish to unlock the power of their mind to achieve optimal performance, be their best and gain control over their mind. In doing so, Tony helps transform lives. ​

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Eric was also the former Vice-President of CARP, Canada's largest not-for-profit providing advocacy, benefits and community for seniors. Through his career he gained expertise in wellness requirements relating to the 50+ demographic -- income needs, health issues, housing / residential alternatives, market access to medications, and recreational activities -- which is a key demographic for this GAME.

Eric serves on boards of private corporations & charitable organizations. He has already built commercial and residential developments and is happy to lend his wisdom to build the bodyproud launch retreat.

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As a bodywork therapist, wellness coach, and retreat leader she has helped high-profile celebrities, athletes, first responders, and trauma survivors release blockages, reprogram their mind-body balance and return to a state  of holistic -- body, mind and spirit -- health. 


With over 25 years experience with extensive studies in South East Asia, Ocean pioneered Conscious Movement Therapy, an approach that combines fitness modalities with proven ancient elements of Chinese Medicine, Thai Medicine, yoga, breath work, martial arts, massage, meditation and Emotional Clearing Techniques. 


Ocean has been an actor, fitness champion, nutritional consultant, fitness model, international speaker and contributing author for Status Fitness Magazine. She is passionate about enabling transformative, inspiring and breakthrough experiences for those seeking a boost to their physical, mental and/or spiritual health.

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Hilton is a prodigy classical concert pianist who showed tremendou skill also graduated university well before his time. As a result Hilton boasts a 40+ year career as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.   


Having founded Telecorp Canada, a telecommunications company, and Spiritas Capital, Inc, a firm connecting investors and entrepreneurs, Hilton worked with multi-million to billion dollar level projects in aerospace, artificial intelligence, nutraceuticals, telecommunications, advertising and emerging technology. 


After losing his eyesight Hilton changed his focus to personal healing and empowerment and is intent on rebirthing himself and sharing his AHAs with others. Learning to appreciate life through a positive perspective Hilton is now able to see through the other senses, is certified as a yoga instructor, and has mastered the activity of outdoor running. 


Hilton is currently producing Divine Dudes, a TV Show set to empower, inspire, and educate. He is also stepping into a space to be a voice for people with needs similar to his. 

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Dr Curby has passion for wellness and has made it her focus for the past eleven years after over 30 years in business strategy & development, M&A, and marketing. She served as Vice President for Corporate Strategic Planning of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., an $18 billion global company. She oversaw portfolio management strategy, long range planning, growth, development, corporate economics, and headed up its global Sustainability area for socially responsible strategies in energy solutions, the environment and developing global markets.


Dr Norma was also Vice President and General Manager at Monsanto for their Phosphorus and Derivatives business. She also served as a director at Monsanto for their charitable foundation and political contribution fund. She holds a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, is a certified Nutrition Coach, Master Herbalist, Sports Nutritionist, Preventive Health coach and Health Leader. 

Currently she is the owner of Wellife Center to support healthy graceful aging for every age group. 

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“Being an entrepreneur has taught me more about life than I ever expected. I am here to support innovators who choose to evolve into entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into profit. I am ready to act as the empowering resource to each of their evolutions”

Personal excellence, professional expertise & kind-heartedness are  three attributes that best describe Sandra. After 15 years of working for two Fortune 10 Companies in Canada and managing 50 and 100 Million-dollar projects, Sandra’s professional expertise is unquestioned.  While on track to achieving even more corporate success, a personal crisis forced a change of fate. Sandra left the corporate path and found herself exploring nutrition, professional coaching and the dynamics of the human psyche. This led to a natural curiosity to seek more truths. It evolved into the learning of systems that empower anyone to achieve their potential. Today, Sandra is certified in multiple modalities of human performance. She has a unique and exceptional understanding of all people, from high level executives to “solo-preneurs” just getting started.

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