Reclaiming Fitness

Let's Redefine "Fit" to Include Mental, Emotional, Social & Financial Health too!

The Problem

Too much focus on outward appearance. 
Not enough focus on inner growth and joy for life.

Perpetuating this further is the wellness culture and society itself: 

  1.  Health store items aren't always healthful;

  2. Marketing campaigns are the result of dollars spent, rather than value added;

  3. Fit Influencers aren't always knowledgeable, truthful,  educated, or aware.

  4. Even those who seem to have it all aren't always healthful, confident or happy. 

  5. People need a trustworthy resource  (free of sponsorship, false advertising & green washing)

Something Needs to:

Incentifivized Pathways and Platforms (Live & Online)

The Solution

A Community Initiative to Compile a Resource of
Wholesome Products, Proven Methods & Authenticated Social Role Models 

How? Items are vetted, voted on and discovered by the Community, for the Community, featuring Members of the Community (and their creations, discoveries and talents)  This is where people join together to help themselves, each other and their community to love better how they think, feel, act and look. In exchange for being authentic, accountable and transparent about their experiences, breakthroughs, AHAs and triumphs they receive benefits, advocacy, empowerment, mentorship, recognition, privileges, promotions, prizes, perks and community support.

Fuelling it is a GAME whereby players play for their own version of "FAME": ​

  1. Private FAME  for personal growth or to hone a talent, perfect a skill or create a good habit.

  2. Personal FAME for influencers and inspirations who have a message, mission, talent or vision.

  3. Professional FAME for innovators who want their innovations and offerings known.

Players each choose their own adventure. They accept challenges, games or activities -- featuring products, services, events, methods and modalities -- that lead to the outcome they wish to achieve. Challenges are issued by those playing for Professional FAME.


Those playing for Personal FAME win stage opportunities, speaking engagements, unique experiences and red carpet interviews. Those playing for Private FAME win items and experiences to further their growth. And those playing for Professional FAME win placement at retreats and positioning at events that are part of the GAME's World Tour, and a spot in the online Community Store. 

Everyone is rewarded for sharing their proof of gains: transformation triumphs, new awarenesses, proud "ME" moments.  Points are amplified when a player's proof of gains inspires a ripple effect where others get inspired to take action who then share their own proof of gains.  

All proof of gains --  fit advancements, mind enhancements & dream achievements -- are categorized to create a living resource of wholesome products, proven methods and authenticated role models. 

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