Meetings underway with Innovators, Influencers and Inspirations who are eligible to be part of the Beta Launch and get VIP Perks.


Wireframe is ready! Now just creating a presentation .  Monday is the lucky day. Monday is go. Accepting Launch Partners now! 


Inspiring Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial Health. New on the team is Daryl Gazey and Dr Norma Curby.


Update from John Acunto:  App is well underway.  The clickable wireframe is coming soon!  "I am really excited to get this going!"


Goal #1 Accomplished  just 1 day after we created this site. The funds have been raised so that the Wireframe can get underway! 

Sept 9 2019

Sept 7 2019

Sept 13 2019

Oct 19 2019

Nov 11 2019

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Text/Tel: 647.995.3263


The BodyPROUD Initiative

Advocacy ~ Benefits ~ Certifications ~ Transformations ~ User Experiences ~ Community 
Inspiring Transformations 

Mental Health

Self-LOVE Incentives

Pathways, platforms, 

tools, systems, events,  incentives, support and self-pledges to help anyone make gains and love better how they think, feel, act and look



Rewards & Recognition

Privileges, points, perks and prizes for having AHAs, breakthroughs,  transformations & triumphs  -- and -- for helping others make

 gains in their private, personal and or professional lives

Physical Health

BodyPROUD Approved 

Determined by the community for the community via user experiences, testimonies

 & proof of gains to create a resource of items, methods & services that work

Social Health

Rise by Lifting Others

Support online via community mentors, coaches, specialists, captains & teammates. Live support via community gatherings, networking events & holding space

Financial Health

Free Your Mind

Advocacy, benefits, discounts, bodyproud certifications & opportunities to save money and earn money as an innovator, influencer, inspiration

Why Is This Needed?

Monkey See,

Monkey Do

But is it Healthy?

Is it Helpful?

Inaccurate methods, unhealthy "nutritional" ingredients & greenwashing leads people to think what isn't good is good. 

Influencers Influence

But are they Happy?

Are they Authentic?

Fans can unknowingly get misguided when they role model influencers, models celebrities & athletes who are also misguided

Money Helps Any Brand Get Ahead

But is it Deserving?

Is it Credible?

Sponsor & advertising dollars define a product, service or method as credible, healthy & valuable, even if they're not,

while ignoring those that are. 

Value in Exchange for Value

But how is it Vet?

Is it Voted on?

People who have garnered wisdom, experiences and breakthroughs that would benefit  others to learn need access to platforms to
share and earn.

The Solution:

A Self-LOVE Social Support GAME that brings Value to Anyone who Plays!
Benefits - Rewards - Recognition - Advocacy - Discounts - Support - Community - Opportunities 

Approval Process

Community Vetting & Voting

Unbiased community certification board not based on 

financial spend but 

on community experiences, testimonies and proof of gains.


Incentives, Education & Support

Confidence boosting experiences, events, incentives & education that helps participants love themselves & their body more than before.


Point Reward

Loyalty Program

Players earn points, perks, & prizes which translate into VIP experiences, positioning & promotions at destination events and online in the store. 

Ambassador Search

Discovering Role Models Amongst Us

Pathways, platforms and privileges with the Trifecta of Success - teammates, mentors & community - help purposeful passionate people succeed.

The Value:

Discovering Proven Methods & Wholesome Products,
while Authenticating Social Role Models
An Even Playing Field Helping Anyone Succeed


Incentives Drive Excellence 

Giving anyone the opportunity to earn rewards: VIP Treatment,  Luxury  Vacations, Group Travel, Unique Experiences & Brand Building Opportunities


We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Information, inspiration & insight for people of all ages & abilities that teaches life skills and encourages the achievement of one's full human potential 


Excellence is not an Act, but a Habit

Rewarding people for being authentic, accountable and transparent encourages people to be authentic, accountable and transparent. 


People Helping People

Featuring a Trifecta of Success, the GAME rewards strategic alliances, co-branding, and becoming a mentor, captain or coach for others