Wireframe is ready! Now just creating a presentation .  Monday is the lucky day. Monday is go. Accepting Launch Partners now! 


Inspiring Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial Health. New on the team is Daryl Gazey and Dr Norma Curby.


Update from John Acunto:  App is well underway.  The clickable wireframe is coming soon!  "I am really excited to get this going!"


Goal #1 Accomplished  just one day after we created this site. The funds have been raised so that the App can get underway! 


Going beyond Executive Summaries, White Papers and Proposals... Welcome to the information site detailing what is to come!

Sept 7 2019

Sept 6 2019

Sept 9 2019

Sept 13 2019

Oct 19 2019

Toll-free: 877.969.3263
Text/Tel: 647.995.3263

The Engagement:
Live or Online

Helping Innovators and Influencers Generate Leads

If you have created something that can help someone transform, this option is for you. Challenges have the community engaged in goal setting, hitting milestones, experiencing proof of gains -- and -- sharing that publicly so as to earn themselves privileges, points and prizes.  Win-win- win!  

Host a Challenge

If your innovation  helps someone make fit advancements or mind enhancements by becoming introspective or stepping outside their comfort zone, this option is for you.  Players earn points, privileges and prizes for sharing their AHAs, transformation & triumphs.  

Issue a Dare

If you run events, expos, shows, seminars or workshops, you can promote them here.  Add in a bodyPROUD element where players share their experiences and showcase their Challenge / Game / Dare results.  This acts as a lead generation tool for you to attract new participants, attendees, media and sponsors. 

Produce an Event

If you join the initiative now, you get to be part of the Official Launch of the app. As such, your profile will be pimped out to suit your needs. This ensures your Challenge / Game / Dare  is optimally set to ensure you generate leads, activate engagement, and earn money.

Customized Space

As the Community is part of a larger social media community, your Challenge / Game / Dare also gets shared socially on multiple media platforms.  This includes your story, your why, your players, their successes and  your chosen ambassadors. 

Social Shares

If what you created requires teamwork, engagement with others, or is able to enhance someone's talents and skills, this option is for you.  Games earn players points for taking time  to themselves: socially or introspectively. Players earn privileges & prizes for sharing breakthroughs  and triumphs online. 

Run a Game 

If you created something that is a value-add to other Challenges / Games / Dares then this helps you get your product / course / service positioned and featured.  Prizes can be stand-alone or as part of an overall gift basket.  You earn points and privileges for all prizes accepted and testimonials received. 

Contribute Prizes

If you host a fitness competition, model search event or similar, this option is optimal for you. Your event gets to be featured in the GAME World Tour so as to incentivize players to step outside their comfort zone and transform. This is able to  attract to you new athletes, models, spectators, media and sponsors. Win-win-win!

Promote a Contest

If you wish to be part of the Launch then your Challenge / Game / Dare will be featured in the Beta App. You also garner experiential testimonies  from Beta Testers -- influencers of influencers, specialists, thought leaders, and advisory board members!

"In-Play" Feature

Being a member of the Launch Community earns you extra perks and privileges. It allows you to  take part of regular mastermind chats, held online, so as to support you on your endeavours. In some cases this lead to co-branded relationships and strategic win-wins.


The app allows for interaction with players whereby challenges, games, dares and events can take place live or online.

This is a 4 month commitment with the first right of refusal to renew

YES! I want to be a Launch Player.