Treasure "ME" Chest

Accumulate points, dollars & prizes for upgrading your self-care! 

The power is in your hands to make advancements, enhancements, breakthroughs and achievements that transform the course of your life: Improve happiness, fine tune body abilities, experience new joy, make new friends, laugh more, become introspective, discover your desires, unleash your superhero, and unlock your FAME!   

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It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself & make your happiness your priority. It's necessary.  At the same time, service to others is one of the major keys to enjoying life adventures, both by giving and by receiving. The Treasure ME Chest helps make both of these possible for you!

Proud "ME" Moments

Learn to become aware of what you do, say, see or hear that causes you to smile inwardly and feel proud of yourself.  Earn points for tracking these moments.  Multiply your points when you become vulnerable and authentic in your share of what, how and why you experienced what you did.  Double your points if those you inspire, actually take action that leads to their own gains, breakthroughs, AHAs, transformations or triumphs. Earn even more points if they share their experiences based on your share that also inspires others. More points again if you edify the person who inspired you to think, feel, act or look differently, in a way that makes you feel proud of you!  

To ensure you earn yourself point, take action that is new for you and outside your norm. Do something that stretches your comfort zone. Or practice self care through pampering, spending time on your own, doing something you once loved, forgiving yourself or others, pursuing a passion, honing your talents, or being creative in any way. Bonus points if your form of self-care inspires breakthroughs, transformations or AHAs in yourself or others. 

Earning Points

By sharing your #proudME moments you come to recognize more moments in which to feel proud. 

Earn points for Self-LOVE, Helping Others & Edifications Received:

Self Care / Gratitude / Goal Setting / Goal Achieving / AHA / Breakthrough / Triumph 
Publicly Sharing  / Edifying Others / Authenticity / Transparency / Accountability
Smile-maker / Inspiring Action / Advancing Awareness / Vulnerability / Transformation 

Fit Advancements 

Set the goal to make advancements in your fitness. This can mean modifying your eating habits, upgrading your activity level, trying new modalities, reshaping your physique, boosting your balance, fine-tuning your flexibility, summoning new strength, or perfecting your posture. When you achieve new gains be sure to track them to earn yourself mega points.  If your share also inspires advances, breakthroughs or triumphs in others, you each earn bonus points! #bodyPROUD

Example: I set a goal to learn how to do the splits. That was 6 weeks ago. Now I am doing the splits! #proudME

Points Earned: goal setting (1) / achieving goals (1) / sharing publicly (1)

Mind Enhancements

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".  Use this philosophy, and quote by Wayne Dyer, to enhance your mindset and sense of wellbeing. Tracking your AHAs, catching your negatively charged thoughts and changing them into positive ones, meditating, visualizing, choosing to smile, being kind to others, and brain games all earn you points. Boost them by sharing your learned lessons in a way that is authentic and transparent, and inspires others to also change their mindset or make mind enhancements by following your lead. #mindPROUD

Example 1: I smiled at someone on the street, and I saw that it lifted their spirits. It made me feel good. #proudME

Points Earned: smilemaker (1) / proud ME (1) / self care (1) / sharing publicly (1)

Example 2: I felt myself get angry. So I stopped to check into my thought. I realized I was not angry at him, but rather at my takeaway of what his perspective made me think about me. I decided to drop those thoughts because they may not even be true. Instead I chose to trust in the possibility that his words were meant to help me out or make me feel good. So, I took a deep breath, and... I immediately understood!!! That allowed me to respond to him with kindness. And it felt so good. As a result everything was win-win. #proudME

Points Earned: authenticity (1) /  AHA (1) / proud ME (1) / helping others (1) / sharing publicly (1)

Dream Achievements 

The only way to achieve your dream is to dream. So dream BIG. Earn points for sharing your dream. Multiply your points for each bold move you make that advances you forward. Double your points for achieving your dreams. Plus earn bonus points for collaborating with others, and helping one another achieve their dreams too. 

Example: I had a type of vision, a 'knowing' of what i wanted to achieve. Ever since that moment I've been working towards it. Had tons of lessons to learn along the way that came in the form of challenges to me: tragedies, trauma, naysayers, non-believers, wrong choices, and learning to discern when not to trust. Interestingly, these all helped me turn myself into a better version. Through this I learned patience, resiliency, my ability to take charge of how i feel and what I think, and the art of allowing.  And this month, finally, 10+ years later, my dream is now my reality.  #dreamPROUD

Points Earned: authenticity (1) / sharing publicly (1) / breakthrough (1) / vulnerability (1) / transformation (1) / triumph (1)


Applicable to anyone of any age, level, start point, diagnosis, financial position or comfort level

Final Example (that takes into account all 3): I was feeling so anxious. There was so much going on. So I did what I have never done... I took a break! I went outside, wandered around until I found a park and enjoyed myself some nature. While I was there I did plank challenge that had been issued by Ian Walling. Not only did I feel my anxiety disappear, I got to breathe in fresh air, and work on my core! I also took time just to dream! When I returned to my workspace, I knew exactly what I needed to do first! Thanks to me taking care of me, it was much easier than I ever expected. #bodyPROUD #mindPROUD #dreamPROUD

Points Earned: self care (1) / authenticity (1) / edifying another (1) / publicly sharing (1) / gratitude (1)

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