Meet the Founders

Mindy Blackstien & Jeffrey Kippel 

Pioneers within the Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness and Physique Model Movements

For over a decade Mindy and Jeffrey produced a series of events, expos, television shows, workshops, systems and certifications. The FAME World Tour was birthed first in Canada and then in other areas around the world. As a result, a culture was formed. A culture that attracted raving fans and a wellness-seeking following. As a community, this culture collectively inspired millions to transform Although impactful, Mindy and Jeffrey came to realize something was missing. So they set out to determine how best to fill those voids and course-correct. Now, after 10 years of research, development and the compiling of a powerhouse team, the time has come to launch!

Advisory Councils

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Mindy & Jeffrey

They founded World Natural Sports Org. (WNSO) & FAME World Tour to provide platforms, pathways & incentives for anyone (any age, ability & start point) to transform. They had TV shows in 4 continents, incl. a TSN #1 hit. Their magazines had worldwide distribution; their annual expo became a fly-in event for models & athletes; and they spoke on stage / in media on transformation, entrepreneurship & personal growth.

Mindy's "why"

"Rather than celebrating their gains & triumphs, many athletes and models who didn’t win felt body-shamed... by their OWN thoughts! That's opposite what the stage was intended to be about! It was disheartening for me to feel their sadness and watch smiles drop. I came to realize that beyond the need to transform one's outer self is the need to transform one's inner self. Since then, ‘07, we’ve been figuring out how to course correct."

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Jeffrey's "why"

"Back in the day I needed to make a change. I turned to the gym and suddenly felt a calling to do something profound in the world of bodybuilding. Despite building a world tour of events and a conglomeration of entities to serve the industry, that wasn’t it. Fast forward to today, and I realize that what I want to do is bring mental health back to fitness so everyone, whether you love how you look or not, can love who they are."

The mission is a lofty one: to reclaim "fit" to go beyond appearance to include mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial health too. 

Currently, the initiative is set to re-engage FAME's networks of athletes, models, trainers, wellness professionals, coaches and fans. Together, we are able to amplify and extend the "bodyproud" message to help anyone love better how they think, act, feel and look.  If you'd like to be a part of it, together with your products, message, mission or innovations  NOW is the time to reach out!

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