Reclaiming Fitness

Let's Redefine "Fit" to Include
Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual & Financial Health too!

Beyond appearance, it's who you Choose to BE! #bodyPROUD

The BodyPROUD Initiative

Advocacy ~ Benefits ~ Incentives ~ Prizes ~ Empowerment ~ User Experiences ~ Community 

Together, we can reclaim fitness by sharing our wisdoms, making our voices heard, showcasing our talents, vetting each other's innovations, incentivizing gains, empowering new awarenesses, and inspiring transformations. 

Doing this together, we get to discover proven methods, wholesome products and authentic social role models amongst us.  

Founding Members get a Head Start Advantage and get to test out and help direct the growth of the GAME before its public launch. 


Become a
Founding Member

Here's how you can help! Support the initiative in whatever way you choose: Publicity, Prizes, Payment. 

As soon as $100k is reached, and with 30 launch partners chosen, this project goes into its full scale launch!  

So for those of you rocking your finances, and for those of who are more conservative, please know that any amount -- and every amount -- is valued and
of extreme value to the initiative. 


Money goes towards the growth of the project as well as to help players in need. That way even those who can't pay, can play!

Should this resonate with you to comfortably make a contribution now, we appreciate it tremendously! Why?  In addition to being a benefit to the initiative in a tremendously large way, you also get to become part of the community and help pioneer its direction and growth! 


Recognition Levels

To everyone who chose, and who now chooses, to offer your support financially... THANK YOU!!!  In addition to being greatly appreciated, you will also be recognized for perpetuity for your contribution at the levels listed. 


Platinum Contributor

Established Brands

$10000+ USD

Diamond Contributor


up to $5000 USD

Gold Contributor

Wellness Professionals

up to $1500 USD

Silver Contributor


 $1000+ USD

Bronze Contributor


$500+ USD


of Initiative

With Gratitude

up to $250+ USD


& Supporters


With Gratitude

up to $100 USD


With Gratitude

up to $25 USD

Your Support Makes a Huge Difference


Platinum Supporter

over $5000

AJ Quevedo 
Genevieve Burciaga

Carmelo Bonovento

EP Snider

John Acunto



Diamond Supporter

up to $5000

Hilton Milanz

Tony Priddle
Elaine Blackstien

Dr Norma Curby



Silver Supporter

  up to $180

Lorman Ip
Lisa Meller

Alice Stanley

Rosalie Dinkin

Peter Nicoll

Jodi Agueda

Sonia Paolini

Wendy Lamont

"it's super exciting to be a part of this inspirational's to a bright and healthy future" . AJ Quevedo

"So happy to be part of the BodyPROUD Movement. Can't wait for it to hit top gear and lives are changed foreverTony Priddle

"You guys amaze and inspire me" Jodi Agueda 

"Some very exciting news coming. Hoping to take as many of us on the journey as we can" Daryl Gazey


Founding Member Opportunity

11 Spaces Left

This is your ability to secure ownership in the company

Toll-free: 877.969.3263
Text/Tel: 647.995.3263