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That way even those who can't pay, can play! 

Every dollar helps!  This has been a project that is 10 years in the making and you can help make it a reality. Together, with your support, we can reclaim fitness to go beyond just appearance. Together we can make a difference! 

Recognition Levels

Platinum Contributor

$10000+ USD

Diamond Contributor

$5000+ USD

Gold Contributor

$1000+ USD

Silver Contributor

$250+ USD

Your Support Makes a Huge Difference


GOLD Supporter

over $5000

AJ Quevedo 
Genevieve Burciaga

Carmelo Bonovento

EP Snider

John Acunto



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up to $5000

Hilton Milanz

Tony Priddle
Elaine Blackstien




BRONZE Supporter

  up to $180

Lorman Ip
Lisa Meller

Alice Stanley

Rosalie Dinkin

Peter Nicoll

Jodi Agueda

Sonia Paolini

Wendy Lamont

"it's super exciting to be a part of this inspirational's to a bright and healthy future" . AJ Quevedo

"So happy to be part of the BodyPROUD Movement. Can't wait for it to hit top gear and lives are changed foreverTony Priddle

"You guys amaze and inspire me" Jodi Agueda 

"Some very exciting news coming. Hoping to take as many of us on the journey as we can" Daryl Gazey

Participate in the GAME right from the START!

Launch Partners


Beyond payment, you also have the option to provide product to those in need, promotion and prizes. Thank you! 


This is a Pay-What-You-Choose Program. If you see the value and have both the desire & the means, please contribute the exact amount you desire -- or -- opt to be a Launch Partner. Everyone who qualifies is able to play.  


Provide to players in need. If you'd also like to get your creation vet,  you must send products to be experienced by select advisors and specialists. The more you provide the more you potentially gain. 



Together we achieve more. If you join in as a Launch Player Partner, it is expected that you'll promote your role in the GAME to your fanbase. This can be online, at live events, through the media and your database. 



The more prizes you wish to contribute the more your name is seen and heard. Strategic consideration is given to determine where best to donate your prizes to help you garner the most value for your brand. 

Levels of Support:

For those who wish to be part of the Beta App and Launch Events, secure your spot!

This earns you discounts, incentives, and beta-tester opportunities before the game even starts.  


* Premium Placement

* Priority Positioning
* Extended Interview

(video & podcast)

* Extra Social Shares

* Staple at Gatherings

* Focal Point of Parties

* Extensive Masterminding


* Superior Placement

* Prime Positioning

* Extended Interview
* Regular Social Shares

* Staple at Gatherings

* Live Masterminding


* Excellent Placement

* Choice Positioning

* Interview Extras

* Party Invites

*  Mastermind Sessions


* Placement

* Positioning

* Interview

* Invitations

Founding Member Opportunity

11 Spaces Left

This is your ability to secure ownership in the company

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