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Wellness Advisors, Coaches, Trainers, Specialists

Dr George Grant

A scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management & pain specialist, 
Dr Grant was a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC. He implemented Wellness Programs in over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and non profit organizations. He coached 9 Olympic athletes and 7500 clients worldwide. He has over 200 published articles, 400 peer reviewed papers, book reviews, 10 books, and 100s of conference presentations,

Ocean Bloom

Ocean travels the world working as a transformational bodywork healer   for high profile celebrities, athletes, first responders & trauma survivors. She founded Conscious Movement Therapy to balance physical fitness with nurturing the spirit. It is based on ancient forms of therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda, Martial Arts, Meditation, Thai Massage and Life Coaching.  Ocean is also an actress,  international author, speaker and FAME Pioneer as a Pro Champion in Fitness, Figure, Model & Natural Bodybuilding

Dr Norma Curby

Former VP and GM at Monsanto, Dr Norma switched her focus to be more holistic. She is now a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Sports Nutritionist & owner of Wellife Centre.  Dr Norma was also VP of an $18 billion dollar global company where she oversaw long range growth, development and sustainability for socially responsible energy and environmental solutions. She is also a senior executive for Fortune 50 Corporations. 

Tony Priddle

Tony is a Subconscious Mind Expert. As founder of MindMechanix University, Tony's mind coaching elicits transformative changes in high performers. A professional athlete himself, Tony played in the 

Rugby League in Australia (the NRL) for 7 years. As a result his passion  to optimize human performance was sparked. While still playing, Tony earned his Degree in Sports Science, mentored under thought leaders and opened his own school. 

AJ & Genevieve Quevedo

 AJ is a Longevity, Peak Performance  Transformation expert, and an international health and fitness model for mainstream brands.  Genevieve is a Registered Nurse and Medical Spa director at the prestigious New Life Wellness Institute of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, and has been a featured expert on TV. Together they can help anyone become more radiant from the inside out through retreats, seminars and  corporate Longevity programs. 

Viren Parmar

Founder of Karma Financial, Viren has been a financial advisor for over a decade passionately helping individuals and businesses create their own  success stories in their own life. With a solid background of qualifications --- MBA, CFA, and Life License -- Financial planning, Investment Strategies and Insurance Solutions are his specialty.  Viren also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity serving dinner at homeless shelters, and with the Vegetarian Association 

Ed Harrold

Having mastered the neuroscience of mindful breathing, Ed is a health and performance enhancement coach, 

author, thought  leader, public speaker and educator. Ed's training serves as CECs for wellness professionals. He was the Director of Yoga and Sports Training for The Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living  where he studied breathing in performance states. He is a fcaultuy memmber of the Medical Wellness Association and contributor to the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Corporate Wellness Magazine.  

Henry Rowlands

Henry had a deep interest in issues related to sustainable agriculture from a young age. He founded Sustainable Pulse which has a readership of over 1 million people per month from over 125 countries. He worked as news Journalist and set up The Detox Project to solve

issues he discovered in the field. The Detox Project enables people globally to test themselves and their food for toxic chemicals, and certifies products "Glyphosate Residue Free". Henry is also an adviser on sustainable agriculture to a number of governments in the EU.

Marco Knox

Marco Knox is known as The  Phytogenic Chef™. He creates Whole Food Plant-Based menus, transformation experiences, and "medicinal" meal plans for restaurants and chefs across the United States. Marco also hosts the podcast Peace Love Plants. His message "to eat evidence-based so you know which foods are best for your optimal health and longevity" comes after his own living proof about the power of personal transformation.
From medically obese with hypertension to fit and healthy

Andre Bland

Although successful as a college wrestler, published fitness model and bodybuilding professional,   Andre's passion lays in teaching people what he wished he had known back in his peak athletic days.

Jeannine Quinn

From bodybuilder to ballroom dancer & STRONG by Zumba Instructor, Jeannine is now certified as a Life Coach and Health Coach. Her passion is in helping people manifest their wishes and achieve their true potential.

Kim Jones

Kim is a Functional Medicine Health Coach and IFBB Pro Athlete. She believes a healthy-looking body starts on a cellular level  inside. Rather than chasing symptoms she focuses on the root cause of dis-ease to improve health.

Lee Davy

A former gym guy and fitness model, Lee is a hybrid-aggregate wellness specialist,

trainer of trainers and coach of coaches. He  focusing on a unique coalescence of mindful practices and fierce conditioning regimens.