Wireframe is ready! Now just creating a presentation .  Monday is the lucky day. Monday is go. Accepting Launch Partners now! 


Inspiring Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial Health. New on the team is Daryl Gazey and Dr Norma Curby.


Update from John Acunto:  App is well underway.  The clickable wireframe is coming soon!  "I am really excited to get this going!"


Goal #1 Accomplished  just one day after we created this site. The funds have been raised so that the App can get underway! 


Going beyond Executive Summaries, White Papers and Proposals... Welcome to the information site detailing what is to come!

Sept 7 2019

Sept 6 2019

Sept 9 2019

Sept 13 2019

Oct 19 2019

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Text/Tel: 647.995.3263

Live Community Connections
 Helping YOU Get Your Brand Known

Featuring the Headquarters, Retreat and Launch Party!

Do you have an item that needs to be seen? With lots of wall space, floor space & decor space set  in a very cool place, your creation is apt to turn heads and get people talking. 

Product Placement

Do you need 3rd party validation to help your product gain traction? Look no further.  Daryl Gazey will help deliver your story in a way that edifies you and your innovation.

On-Site Interviews

Do you want feedback from the field and people in-the-know? This is your opportunity to get yourself ahead. Ask your questions, and mastermind as a team to resolve them. 

Round Table Talks

It's time to shine: Your story, your journey, your innovations and your dreams shared officially in front of people who matter.  Known for perpetuity as part of the Launch!

Official Introduction

Do you have a food item or nutritional product?  Well, imagine it being served to VIP guests at VIP gatherings.  Imagine sharing the smells, tastes & story of your creation here!

Taste Testers

Imagine your interview  being played  on the "Big Screen"  giving you time to shine in front of a captivated audience who is there hoping to support you! 

TV Feature

Do you want influencers of influencers to test your service, class, philosophy or innovation? Step outside into the park to wow our Beta-Testers and Advisory Teams.

Nature Knows

You get to be part of the Official Launch Event featuring live bands, performances, food and drink. Includes exhibit space,  engagement and opportunities for YOU!

Launch Announcement

Live locations allows for intimate gatherings and unique parties with key influencers, thought leaders, specialists & beta-testers. 

This is a 4 month commitment with the first right of refusal to renew

YES! I want to play as a Launch Partner!