Showcasing what self-dedication and following your heart can do!

Mission-Makers, Athletes, Artists, Actors, Musicians, Producers 

Shane Kippel

Actor, musician, drummer, public speaker and now stand-up comic, writer and producer. Shane is best known for his role as "Spinner" on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Shane is also an anti-bullying advocate and speaks in schools across the country

Ian Walling

Ian is a World Champion and pioneer of Natural Bodybuilding. As an artist he drew the body he wanted and then became it. He came to realize physical excellence goes beyond strength and appearance.

 Ian is a life coach, personal trainer & retreat leader

Andre Bland

Andre is a professional caricaturist working some of the largest events in the country, ranging from fairs and music festivals to conferences, parties and corporate wellness events. He is also currently developing his own line of clothing and shirts.

Hilton Milan

A classical pianist and child prodigy, Hilton graduated university before all his peers. He has performed all over the world, entertaining audiences with his skills. Even after becoming almost blind Hilton still plays with passion.

Stacy Jajou

I am so excited to have this opportunity to make a huge impact on humanity by shining my bright light in a world where there is so much darkness! I am ready to inspire anyone to unlock their fame by encouraging others to release fear and reach their highest potential.

Karyn Knox

Owner and founder of Beachy Buddha Life™. 

 Karyn has drawn on 20 years of experience in personal training, yoga instruction, physique competitions, nutritional counselling and spiritual life coaching to help clients live a life with an abundance & joy.

Jodi Derkson

Jodi uses her intuitive insight to empower people in powerful ways. She offers experientially based workshops to tackle bullying, mental health habits, stress, mindfulness, communication,
 negotiation, collaboration & team building in a light-hearted way.

Ian Farrar

Ian is a wellness advocate and educator for over 25yrs. As a plant based Athlete, Ian began to excel in cycling winning many  top 10 finishes in the Masters Elite category.  He now works with people who take responsibility for their life and health goals


Daryl Gazey

Daryl is a Superior Court of Justice designated expert witness for illicit substances, and the creator of the Physique Screening Panel. 
I've witnessed disparaging marketing, abuse of process, false claims, failed hopes & missed dreams; leading to countless consumer dollars wasted on bogus items. The health & wellness community NEEDS a brilliant & industry-supported platform to separate fact from fiction and help consumers, innovators and product managers make informed decisions. I am incredibly excited to be a part of this venture. You can rely on me for my ‘no holds barred’ approach ensuring we all get the best of the best.


Corey Preston

Corey is responsible for getting meditation integrated into the military to treat PTSD. He works with health ministers and non-profit leaders to minimize suicide rates and update the outdated mental healthcare model. Hard to believe he was homeless five years before with complex post traumatic stress. Corey is taking on the mission to bring the public access to therapeutic programs that are affordable. Through this he wants to provide tools, products, services and pathways to help the next generation bypass mental health challenges.

Genevieve & AJ Quevedo

 AJ is a Longevity, Peak Performance  Transformation expert, and an international health and fitness model for mainstream brands.  Genevieve is a Registered Nurse and Medical Spa director at the prestigious New Life Wellness Institute of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, and has been a featured expert on TV. Together they can help anyone become more radiant from the inside out through retreats,

seminars and  corporate Longevity programs. 

Marco Knox

Marco Knox is known as The  Phytogenic Chef™. He creates Whole Food Plant-Based menus, transformation experiences, and "medicinal" meal plans for restaurants and chefs across the United States. Marco also hosts the podcast Peace Love Plants. His message "to eat evidence-based so you know which foods are best for your optimal health and longevity" comes after his own living proof about the power of personal transformation. From medically obese with hypertension to fit and healthy


Angela Argentina

Angela loves inspiring others to live healthier and holistic lifestyles. She founded Kindred Kitchens, a multi-faceted food & nutrition brand that shares information and inspiration on plant-based nutrition, raises awareness about harmful products, provides sustainable living solutions, shares intuitive cooking practices, and boasts an array of food services that include menu consultation, catering, cooking classes  and recipe makeovers using whole foods. Angela is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Vegan Chef and Multi-disciplinary Artist. 

EP Snider

EP made her dreams come true at age 69 when she wrote and published her very first book. Fast forward another few years when, at age 76, she got inspired to write again: this time a children's story that sparks imagination and creativity. Rather than 1 book, it turned into a series of 3. Unique about EP is that she is offering children the opportunity to get their art, inspired by her book, to be published as part of her story. 

Jodi Barrett

As a full time mom doting on her children, once they became independent, Jodi needed to find something for herself. With a degree in Physical Activity Studies and multiple certifications, Jodi turned to fitness. Upon realizing that  Canada was behind on kettlebell education and programming, her spark was ignitied. Soon after she launched Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada which expanded to offer CEU accredited certifications, seminars and classes..

Debbie Deer

Debbie is Jamaica's first reality star and won the title of "First Runner Up Ms. Jamaica Universe". She then got inspired to immigrate to Canada and focus on her dreams. Debbie then received an Educational Partnership with the Toronto District School Board and now tours schools with her brother Ainsley Deer, presenting her Turn Up 10 Tour! 10 Steps To Living Your Best Life  inspiring students to achieve their goals with mental and physical well-being techniques. 


Niko Sofianos

At 19, Niko became an internationally acclaimed fitness model. Garnering

large audiences, and as a visionary, entrepreneur &

interdisciplinary artist, he set out to discover how to make those engagements meaningful. After years of exploration --- becoming a musician, competitive gymnast, sound engineer, teacher, trainer, idea developer & inspirational leader in the interim -- Niko developed FITHOP and 

mentors extremely talented youth into increasing their physical and emotional performance.

Donna Detwiler

Donna is the Founder  of several successful for-profit businesses spanning over thirty years, both in the UK and USA. She served as CEO and successfully led those companies through varying stages of inception, growth, profitability and sale.  She leads 1 Global Alliance, Inc. a USA based holding company, with subsidiaries in health services and health technology. She co-founded HeartSafe Neighborhood Foundation designed to improve survival rates from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. 

Jon Feldman

Jon is a Toronto musician whose style crosses multiple genres.  His most recent project, An Epse of Light, a solo pop/rock effort was released Jan 2020.  Jon was awarded an Ontario Arts Council recording grant in 2010; his 2nd album was released in 2013 on New York-based label Tzadik Records; and performed live at Toronto’s Harbourfront and at the Music Gallery.  His Electric Band is played regularly on Toronto jazz radio.  Jon received formal music training at University of Toronto, the Boston Conservatory & the New England Conservatory.

Patrick Rivera

Patrick is a cinematographer and editor creating great stories on his own and with Warner Brothers, FOX, HBO & Lionsgate. His company,

Trick Entertainment, produced a critically acclaimed hit, The Evolution of Bodybuilding, which is a feature documentary sold in 27+ countries and is rated IMDB's (Internet Movie Database) 5th greatest bodybuilding movie.  His documentary ASF25 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports
Festival. It is still rented over 150 times a month.


Nathalie Delorme

Nathalie Delorme has been passionately exploring the art of personal transformation for over 12 years through a rich variety of tools and practices. She is a magician of consciousness who helps to facilitate and integrate radical shifts in awareness primarily through writing, speaking, dancing, breathwork, and spoken word poetry. Through the energy, stories, and processes she shares from her own journey, her goal is to show people how transforming their consciousness will, in turn, profoundly transform their experience of life. 

Kristi Lahusen

After 25 years of solo travel -- finding quiet, solitude and making new discoveries high on mountaintops, in back country roads, volunteering at wildlife conservation projects  or walking fashion runways -- Kristi decided her secret needed to be shared. Her lifestyle coaching company, Daring Solo Adventures, ignites courage,

curiosity and taking action to explore new ventures while helping people reclaim their “ME” time, shift their perspective, reconnect to nature, and add thrill, novelty and challenges

Morry Zelcovitch

Morry  first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment. He sought out the world’s foremost expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of fewCertified Brainwave 
Entrainment Engineers in the world. Not satisfied keeping this to himself, Morry produces  leading edge recordings that incorporate The Morry Method™ proprietary techniques to let listeners increase their brain power  & achieve truly beneficial results. 

Michelle Miller

Michelle  is an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for physical fitness. As a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science and Fitness and advanced training for special populations, including but not limited to Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pregnancy, Children and Youth, Diabetes, Stroke, PVD, COPD, Asthma, Cancer, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS, MS and Joint Rehab., she has spent her 20+ year career providing exceptional training at every stage of a person’s life. As her passion continued to evolve into a family affair, Michelle launched My First Workout® with the goal of connecting kids with good habits.


Stacey Moore

Stacey is here to empower youth to FLY – First Love Yourself.  She is a Balanced Living Specialist with her own radio show helping others reach ultimate states of mindfulness & wellbeing. 
Her mission is to wake you up, light your flame and show help you guard it from those who want to blow it  out.  Having excelled as  an athlete, Stacey is now president of a Large Girls Minor Hockey Association  and the founder of FLYgirls INC hosting  sport camps, retreats & empowerment programs for youth.


Grace Gillespie

Grace is certified as a Fitness Nutritionist,Personal Trainer,
and NPC National Fitness Competitor. She is also a Motivational Speaker, and the Creator & CEO of Muscle Vodka. Her passion for everything Health and Fitness began at age 3, when she started going to the gym with her Father, a bodybuilder, on a daily basis.  “Your choices about health & Fitness defines, creates and follows you forever, so take care of
 yourself now so someone else doesn’t have to take care of you later

Henry Boulton

Henry created FocusBand for the professional sports field and now he's ready to introduce it to the corporate sector. He worked as a performance consultant with 20+ Golf Tour Players; professional athletes in the AFL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NRL, IRB and the Men’s Tennis team who won the NCAA Division 1 Championship in 2014. These athletes significantly improved their World Rankings and  earnings after using FocusBand to assess their sleep quality against their performance, and overall productivity 

Keisha Luke

It took Keisha 7+ years to figure out how to assist herself nutritionally & digestively, when doctors didn't even know how. Growing up premature with an underdeveloped/ weakened immune system, in & out of hospitals until her teenage years, sick to her 

stomach, face full of acne,  and always tired became the catalyst to her journey to understand the mind-gut-body connection. Today, Keisha is a Culinary Nutritionist & Gut Educator. She uses whole foods and energy work to promote a healthy digestive system. 


Michelle Drake

A fitness professional for over 29 years, Michelle teaches & certifies fitness trainers as Nutrition and Wellness Specialists  for CanFitPro. She created programming for Restorative stretch blended with Sport stretch and fascial release. She's also a Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer, Reebok Cycle instructor, WaterArt instructor, Pilates matwork and  BodyGroove instructor, Freelance Fitness Journalist, Certified Mindset Life Coach, and photographer.  She is currently working on Master

Habits as a joint venture with  PeterTwist, a world authority in Sport science and nutrition. 

Shelley Steele

Shelley fell in love with documentary-style programming when she moved from the classroom -  instructing at the Faculty of Education (OISE/UT), and post-secondary programs, covering leadership, healthy lifestyle management, emotional intelligence, , entrepreneurism, and global issues -- into the world of educational television at TVOntario. To date, Shelley has directed and produced innumerable independent documentary-style films to spark meaningful dialogue, addressing Canada’s most pressing social issues, on societal and individual levels.

She is also a life coach,  presenter and empathetic listener with a mission to  shed light on real issues to move us all forward.

Jesse Buck

Jesse is a heart-based healer, mindfulness trainer, and community builder specializing in events. He is skilled in  primal movement, crystal bowl sound healing, thai massage, reiki, acuball therapy, yoga and Body Braid therapy. He is also a teacher, speaker and facilitator for the Youth Wellness Network that focuses on improving Mental Health across North America. He also is brought in to corporations to help improve company morale, productivity and mind-body wellness. His greater vision is to inspire others to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle so as to bring more harmony to the planet. 


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