The Ecosystem

Each piece alone is powerful, yet together they are a FORCE!
The GAME features an ecosystem of support -- complete with tools, systems, platforms and pathways, both online and offline -- that inspires transformation in players to make advances in their personal and professional lives.
The intention is to lift each other up and encourage each other to achieve visions, dreams, missions, breakthroughs, new awarenesses, gains and triumphs.  
The World Tour

Events / Retreats / Resorts / Parties

A compilation of existing events live & online.Touching down at fitness, wellness & empowerment events, festivals, expos, resorts, competitions and retreats that support fit advancements &/or mind enhancements, such as fitness competitions, obstacle courses, empowerment workshops and unique vacation experiences. These events are hosted by members of the community for the community, and everyone who participates earns points. Points can be converted into opportunities to host the event host, perform at the event, or have their creations featured. Also on the tour are participating restaurants, training centres and stores that earn points by showcasing products created by innovators and approved by the community.  

Focused on Selfcare AND Supporting Others

Anyone can play to unlock their FAME. There are 5 levels of engagement. The 1st is the Observer, someone not yet ready to engage, yet curious or intrigued. The 2nd is Teammate, someone eager to learn and grow. They form accountability partnerships and are incentivized to support those who inspire them. The 3rd is Team Captain, a mission maker or someone on a journey to self-empower who also enjoys empowering others. The 4th level, a Coach is a glorified captain who comes with a professional skill-set. The final level, Role Model, is what anyone can aspire to. They are on a journey to master their empowerment physically, mentally, socially & financially. They come to be well respected in the community for their  creations, authenticity, support and consistent shares.

The GAME Play
The Gamified APP

Overseen by John Acunto 

The app acts as a social media platform and hub for the GAME. In addition to featuring online shares, the app also tabulates player participation in live events.  Foundational to the app is a systematized approach to educate, incentivize, recognize and reward each player who makes fit advancements, mind enhancements or who shares their bodyproud moments. 

The Loyalty Program

Points / Rewards / Incentives / Prizes

Players earn points that are transacted in the ecosystem's online hub, and at live participating restaurants, stores, events and retreats. The GAME acts as an umbrella for other Loyalty Programs. Points  are redeemed for getaways,  VIP opportunities, products, services, unique experiences,  exposure and prime positioning in the GAME's online store. This creates engagement, loyal fans and revenue pathways for players of all types. 

Together we can Make a Difference

The GAME provides education, information, inspiration & insight for those wanting to change how they feel (playing for inner FAME); those inspired to share a message (playing for personal FAME); and those wanting to expand their brand (playing for professional FAME). Points are earned for new self-loving actions,  making gains, getting certified and for supporting others in honing talents, pursuing passions, achieving dreams & making breakthroughs. 

Venues include the Headquarters (a clubhouse) set in the heart of Toronto -- AND -- the BodyPROUD Community which boasts the GAME's Official Retreat set in nature. These live locations enable focus groups and masterminding for the inner circle and Launch Team. Each features winning influencers as hosts and the Approved products, services, activities & meals of innovators who earn that privilege. Onsite are celebrations, photo & video shoots, workshops, obstacle courses, group activities and healing modalities to help anyone make fit advancements and mind enhancements.Attending awards players with points, and it is here where they can engage with those who inspire them, and those they inspire.

Live locations to Best Serve Members

The Support System
The Community Hubs

Featuring items Voted in by the Community

The online store becomes a discount mall for healthful living in all areas of life. Products featured are those items created by members of the community which have been voted in by the community as either Approved or Recommended. Plus, that item also gets to use the BodyPROUD seal of approval on its label or in its description. Each store item is linked back to the profile of its creator, and related inspirational testimonies, breakthroughs and triumphs. This ensure members feel confident with their purchases. It also helps bring exposure and revenue to the innovators who deserve to be seen.

A Not-for-Profit Community Venture

The bodyPROUD Social Initiative is set to redefine how people keep themselves fit because self-love matters. It is a team effort. Alone we may be strong, together we are stronger! More voices are better than one!  Money helps support the ecosystem and goes toward promotion, prizes and financial support for innovators, influencers, inspirations and initiates in need. Learn Why Here

The Online Store
The Social Initiative

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