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Casey James Combden

Known as "The Legend"

"I’ve witnessed millions of people polarized by the misnomer that success is siloed in physical excellence or mental emotional superiority. To shift the social norm, we have to shift the influencers and their messaging. Underlying the GAME is Life Map Technologies, a proprietary method, to help people gain awareness in all areas of their life, and, therefore make advances"

Casey founded Human Potential International, an advanced awareness organization empowering people with intelligence for their lives. He is one of the top direct selling leaders in the world, has built & lead organizations of 500,000+, spoken on the largest stages, was featured in Pass It On with cast from The Secret & produced hundreds of hours of audio, video & written material on business, life & success.   

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Mind Enhancement Coach
& Past XRL Player

"I am here because I know that one method alone will not change the world. No one program is effective for everyone. The change we need in this world is to work together, share ideas, and pool tools and information." 

Tony Priddle is a past professional athlete who played in the National Rugby League (NRL). That experience coupled with Tony’s passion to improve performance, led him to study psychology. Today Tony is a Subconscious Mind Expert. He founded MindMechanix as a way to provide advanced mind coaching that elicits transformative change in high performing individuals. Tony primarily works with professional athletes and business executives who wish to unlock the power of their mind to achieve optimal performance, be their best and gain control over their mind. In doing so, Tony helps transform lives. 

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Eric Vengroff

Former Executive President, Zoomer Media

Former Vice-President, CARP

Eric was also the former Vice-President of CARP, Canada's largest not-for-profit providing advocacy, benefits and community for seniors. Currently, he is an advisor to Canadian Music Week. 

Through his career he gained expertise in wellness requirements relating to the 50+ demographic -- income needs, health issues, housing / residential alternatives, market access to medications, and recreational activities -- which is a key demographic for this GAME.

Eric serves on boards of private corporations & charitable organizations. He has already built commercial and residential developments and is happy to lend his wisdom to build the bodyproud launch retreat.

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Ocean Bloom 

Renowned for Transformational Healing Work

As a bodywork therapist, wellness coach, and retreat leader she has helped high-profile celebrities, athletes, first responders, and trauma survivors release blockages, reprogram their mind-body balance and return to a state  of holistic -- body, mind and spirit -- health. 


With over 25 years experience with extensive studies in South East Asia, Ocean pioneered Conscious Movement Therapy, an approach that combines fitness modalities with proven ancient elements of Chinese Medicine, Thai Medicine, yoga, breath work, martial arts, massage, meditation and Emotional Clearing Techniques. 


Ocean has been an actor, fitness champion, nutritional consultant, fitness model, international speaker and contributing author for Status Fitness Magazine. She is passionate about enabling transformative, inspiring and breakthrough experiences for those seeking a boost to their physical, mental and/or spiritual health.

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Hilton G Milanz

Works with high level Projects

Hilton is a prodigy classical concert pianist who showed tremendou skill also graduated university well before his time. As a result Hilton boasts a 40+ year career as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.   


Having founded Telecorp Canada, a telecommunications company, and Spiritas Capital, Inc, a firm connecting investors and entrepreneurs, Hilton worked with multi-million to billion dollar level projects in aerospace, artificial intelligence, nutraceuticals, telecommunications, advertising and emerging technology. 


After losing his eyesight Hilton changed his focus to personal healing and empowerment and is intent on rebirthing himself and sharing his AHAs with others. Learning to appreciate life through a positive perspective Hilton is now able to see through the other senses, is certified as a yoga instructor, and has mastered the activity of outdoor running. 


Hilton is currently producing Divine Dudes, a TV Show set to empower, inspire, and educate. He is also stepping into a space to be a voice for people with needs similar to his. 

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Dr Norma Curby

From Corporate to Wellness

Dr Curby has passion for wellness and has made it her focus for the past eleven years after over 30 years in business strategy & development, M&A, and marketing. She served as Vice President for Corporate Strategic Planning of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., an $18 billion global company. She oversaw portfolio management strategy, long range planning, growth, development, corporate economics, and headed up its global Sustainability area for socially responsible strategies in energy solutions, the environment and developing global markets.


Dr Norma was also Vice President and General Manager at Monsanto for their Phosphorus and Derivatives business. She also served as a director at Monsanto for their charitable foundation and political contribution fund. She holds a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, is a certified Nutrition Coach, Master Herbalist, Sports Nutritionist, Preventive Health coach and Health Leader. 

Currently she is the owner of Wellife Center to support healthy graceful aging for every age group. 

Dr George Grant

CEO & Founder,
Academy of Wellness 

Dr Grant is world renowned as a researcher, chemist, toxicologist, professor, and innovator specializing in Functional / Integrative Health.  He is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti aging and natural pain management. 


Dr Grant has also worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, the FDA and the CDC.  It was he who pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins. He has also worked alongside  the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and Harvard.

His mission is to educate 1000 wellness coaches worldwide who in turn will each educate 1000 people totalling One Million! As a result he has 200 published articles, 400 papers reviews, hundreds of conference presentations, book reviews and 10 bestselling books, including those he co-authored with Les Brown and Brian Tracey.

To date, he has helped 9 Fortune 500 companies, 9 non profit
organizations and 9 Olympic athletes along with 7500 clients worldwide.

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Sandra Francisco

Manages 100 Million Dollar Projects

“Being an entrepreneur has taught me more about life than I ever expected. I am here to support innovators who choose to evolve into entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into profit. I am ready to act as the empowering resource to each of their evolutions”

Personal excellence, professional expertise & kind-heartedness are  three attributes that best describe Sandra. After 15 years of working for two Fortune 10 Companies in Canada and managing 50 and 100 Million-dollar projects, Sandra’s professional expertise is unquestioned.  While on track to achieving even more corporate success, a personal crisis forced a change of fate. Sandra left the corporate path and found herself exploring nutrition, professional coaching and the dynamics of the human psyche. This led to a natural curiosity to seek more truths. It evolved into the learning of systems that empower anyone to achieve their potential. Today, Sandra is certified in multiple modalities of human performance. She has a unique and exceptional understanding of all people, from high level executives to “solo-preneurs” just getting started.

Genevieve & AJ Quevedo

Healthjar Lifestyle Programs

A.J.  and  Genevieve have more than 30 years combined experience. They work as a team to help their clients become younger from the inside out.

AJ is a Longevity, Weight Loss, Detoxification and Sports Nutrition Specialist. He is also a certified NLP practitioner, an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and  motorcycle rider. As an international health and fitness model, AJ built his brand by being featured in ads put out by major companies, including Sony, Home Depot and the top Spanish speaking TV station, Univision. 

Genevieve is a Registered Nurse and Medical Spa director at New Life Wellness Institute of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles. She has also been featured as an expert on several media outlets. Genevieve loves playing in the dirt, looking up at the sky hanging out at retreats, and researching the latest and  greatest Natural Medical advancements. They live together in Los Angeles California with their three amazing children.


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John Acunto

Worked with Steve Jobs

"Getting to use technology knowledge to help make social advances in mental, emotional, and physical health is very exciting for me“

John enjoys taking on interim CEO roles of rapid growth companies, some that sold for over $100 million. Following pre-launch, John is set to come on board as interim CEO. He gained experience working  with the world’s largest technology companies -- IBM, Apple, Ebay, Atlantic Records, Facebook and others -- at the highest levels. Elements from John's music platform evolved into itunes. He still specializes in music technology and is helping to manage growth in the online music world.


Today John mentors some of the biggest artists of today, including Drake, Justin Bieber, and Nicki Minaj. He also consults with Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and recently he rereleased Tsu

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USA Diving Champion

"I have been working on this project behind the scenes since 2010. I am so excited to oversee the world tour of fit advancement and mind enhancement events. I am ecstatic to marry my passion for personal excellence with my expertise in incentive events and experiences."


In addition to Springboard & Platform Diving, Lisa is an Award-Winning strategist and incentive specialist for travel, events, tours and retreats. She served as President of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) for Orange County, won the Travel Chairman’s Award; the Successful Women in Meetings Award, 2018; and the Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma for Event Design and Meetings, 2018.


Lisa brings leadership, project management, experience, and a passion for excellence to create rewarding group experiences for players of the GAME. 

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Ian Walling

Multi-time Bodybuilding Champion

Ian is notorious as a pioneer in the natural bodybuilding movement. As an artist, he drew the body he wanted and then became it. He then went on to become a professional World Champion, International Judge, creator of the World Natural Sports Judging Manual, an endorsed athlete, and the founder of Wholistic Body-Building and Wellness. Ian won the title of Mr. Natural Universe in 1998 and is the recipient of the gold medal from the Natural Olympia. Following years of intense dedication to re-sculpting the human body, Ian came to realize that physical excellence goes beyond just strength and appearance. As a result Ian created the Grid System which helps individuals also improve stability, balance and flexibility. Today Ian is creating retreat workshop intensives as a way to share his wisdom and help anyone establish harmony between mind, body & spirit. 

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Shane Kippel

Actor & Anti-Bullying Advocate 

Shane Kippel is a Canadian actor, comedian, musician and public speaker, best known for his roles of Gavin “Spinner” Mason on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ralph on Life With Derek, and Davis in Dog Pound. In 2018 Shane was featured in Drake's music video for the hit song, I'm Upset. Most recently, he starred in a series produced by Trailer Park Boys called Greenmount on Swearnet TV.


With over 18 years of experience in front of the camera, and as the lead drummer in various bands, he has now expanded into the world of writing and producing comedic content, where he is the creator, executive producer, writer, and lead actor of the sketch comedy series O’Brother! Shane is currently in pre-production of his first full- length sitcom; title TBA. 


Shane has also spoken to tens of thousands of students from elementary school to high school. He is part of mission to empower youth to overcome the effects of bullying and and work towards achieving their life goals and aspirations.

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Daryl Gazey

Pioneer within the Fitness Industry

"VERY proud to be part of the team. I'll be instrumental in interviewing key people in the industry about health, wellness, product development . Excited to share the products & services in need of reviews, beta-testers, field testing"

“I've witnessed disparaging marketing, false claims & abuse of process in the wellness community. This led to failed hopes & dreams and countless consumer dollars wasted on bogus items & services.  The health & wellness community NEEDS this brilliant & industry-supported platform to separate fact from fiction and help consumers, innovators and product managers make informed decisions. My ‘no holds barred’ approach ensures we all get the best of the best."

An Ontario & Superior Court of Justice designated expert witness for illicit / banned substances, and an active police officer (30 yrs), Daryl led the Drug Screening Panel for World Natural Sports. Having this skill and a passion to pull out people’s stories Daryl was instrumental in helping people make their dreams come true: He was booking Director for FAME Model & Talent Agency - and - FAME Magazine; Director of Operations ,WNSO; an international physique judge; & emcee (FAME World Tour, World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF), and Musclemania), thus being a true pioneer of the sport.

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Owen Gonzales

Works with Fortune 1000 Companies

Owen creates unique business opportunities resulting in new sales and business perks. He spent 12+ years as a financial and information technology auditor with Ernst & Young. His most recent clients include ZYPPAH, Inc. which Owen helped achieve its valuation of over 60 million as interim President/COO. He produced New Year’s Eve events with +15,000 people live and +50,000 watching the live broadcast. 


Owen is also skilled in developing risk assessments, performing effectiveness reviews and developing audit plans. He was the a Senior Manager at the Walt Disney Company, and did audits for ABC, ESPN, Theme Parks Division, Motion Pictures, and all Times Mirror newspapers in the USA. He sits on the Boards for the National Childhood Obesity Foundation (NCOF) and Chapman University Leatherby School for Entrepreneurs. Owen provided much of the framing for the pre-GAME concept.

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Steven Argintaru

Senior Producer, SportsCentre (TSN)

Steven is a Gemini Award-winning Senior Producer at TSN, Canada’s national sports network. He spent nearly a quarter of a century working in various leadership positions in the TSN newsroom, and has covered numerous high-profile sports events including Olympic Games, Stanley Cup Finals, World Series and MLB All-Star Games. 

Steven's show, SportsCentre is the most comprehensive sports news program in North America featuring highlights, scores, exclusive interviews and sports information from around the world.


Along with his broadcast journalism background, Steven is a Global Ambassador and also an accomplished pro wrestling reporter and an internationally published photographer with the WWE, Impact Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. 

Steven acts a consultant to the indie wrestling circuit.

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Kevin Weaver


As the producer and director of fitness-based television shows on ESPN and more than 50 fitness-oriented videos and DVDs sold in the retail market, Kevin has a thorough understanding of TV, video production, editing, distribution, marketing, as well as negotiating sponsorships and securing  multi-million dollar endorsements for fitness, model and athlete talent.

In fact, he created the largest fitness personal management company and helped develop the careers of hundreds of fitness personalities across North America, including  Denise Austin, Donna Richardson, Janis Saffell. He also organized promotional events for Liz Claiborne, Power Bar, the Home shopping Network, and numerous wellness magazines. 

His diverse and extensive background in education and training, marketing and sales, computer software development, and TV entertainment has enabled him to launch new businesses, expand businesses internationally, brand products, develop industries, secure sponsorship and investments, and manage teams in excess of 100 people. 

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Kim Jones

Functional Medicine Health Coach
& IFBB Professional Physique Athlete 

"My name is Coach Jones and I give people their lives back! Pain is NOT the price we pay for getting older. It's the price we pay for poor posture, too much sitting, un-addressed muscle imbalances, signal quality within the nervous system (visual, vestibular, proprioceptive inputs) an ignoring our bodies’ "check engine" lights. You know, the signals that our bodies send when they need attention. Here's where I come in!"

Kim teaches the fundamentals of movement to help anyone regain  physical freedom and return to activities they love. Her passion is movement, and teaching anyone how to recruit their right muscles so they lead life injury-free.

“I always tell people that Kim has helped me get my life back. In all honesty, she has helped me find a life that I never really had.”

-Michele Dennis


Meet the Founders

Mindy Blackstien & Jeffrey Kippel 

Jeff & Mindy helped pioneer the fitness industry. With a team, and in alignment with other organizations -- INBA, Musclemania, Fitness Canada Pageant, Neutron, Ms Fitness, Fitness STAR & UFE  -- they helped shape its culture, influence its direction and enable global growth.

Mindy & Jeffrey

They founded World Natural Sports Org. (WNSO) & FAME World Tour to provide platforms, pathways & incentives for anyone (any age, ability & start point) to transform. They had TV shows in 4 continents, incl. a TSN #1 hit. Their magazines had worldwide distribution; their annual expo became a fly-in event for models & athletes; and they spoke on stage / in media on transformation, entrepreneurship & personal growth.

Mindy's "why"

"Rather than celebrating their gains & triumphs, many athletes and models who didn’t win felt body-shamed... by their OWN thoughts! That's opposite what the stage was intended to be about! It was disheartening for me to feel their sadness and watch smiles drop. I came to realize that beyond the need to transform one's outer self is the need to transform one's inner self. Since then, ‘07, we’ve been developing this to course correct."

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Jeffrey's "why"

"Back in the day I needed to make a change. I turned to the gym and suddenly felt a calling to do something profound in the world of bodybuilding. Despite building a world tour of events and a conglomeration of entities to serve the industry, that wasn’t it. Fast forward to today, and I realize that what I want to do is bring mental health back to fitness so everyone, whether you love how you look or not, can love who they are."


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