While on "Coronacation":

What Better Time than NOW
to Re-Think "FIT"!

While everyone is at home and things are in flux, it’s time like-minded empowering people come together to work as a tribe.

Now especially people need to help themselves, each other and their communities.


What better time to ReThink-FIT

The Problem

The definition of what being fit is all about is incomplete.

Looking good is one thing. Feeling good is another. 

So much focus is placed on outward appearance. 


Even people who look like their own superhero may not be happy, healthful nor bodyproud!

This Needs to 
Incentifivized Pathways and Platforms (Live & Online)

The Solution

A Community Initiative to Redefine FIT:

Where innovative, intelligent & inspirational individuals come together and each issue challenges that empower others to love better how they think, feel, act & look!


The purpose is to focus on all aspects of wellbeing:


From these challenges come proof-of-gains.  As a result, as a community we are able to compile a resource of:

  1.  Wholesome Products,

  2.  Proven Methods

  3.  Authenticated Social Role Models

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