Meetings underway with Innovators, Influencers and Inspirations who are eligible to be part of the Beta Launch and get VIP Perks.


Wireframe is ready! Now just creating a presentation .  Monday is the lucky day. Monday is go. Accepting Launch Partners now! 


Inspiring Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial Health. New on the team is Daryl Gazey and Dr Norma Curby.


Update from John Acunto:  App is well underway.  The clickable wireframe is coming soon!  "I am really excited to get this going!"


Goal #1 Accomplished  just 1 day after we created this site. The funds have been raised so that the Wireframe can get underway! 

Sept 9 2019

Sept 7 2019

Sept 13 2019

Oct 19 2019

Nov 11 2019

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Reclaiming Fitness

Let's Redefine "Fit" to Include Mental, Emotional, Social & Financial Health too!

Choose Your Adventure

Mission: To Jointly Discover Wholesome Products, Proven Methods & Authenticated Social Role Models 
Incentifivized Pathways and Platforms (Live & Online)

This is where people join together to help themselves and each other love better how they think, feel, act and look.

It is a jointed effort by the Community, for the Community, featuring Members of the Community -- Innovators, Influencers and Inspirations - while also providing Benefits, Discounts and Advocacy  to the Community.  

Fuelling it is a GAME whereby creators of products, services, methods and modalities -- that are healthful, animal friendly and ecological -- host challenges (games, events, activities) to get their innovations vet, known and featured in the online store, at retreats, or on stages at participating shows in the GAME's World Tour.  Players  earn points, privileges, unique experiences and the opportunity to be discovered as ambassadors by taking on self-care challenges and sharing their AHAs, breakthroughs, Proud "ME" moments, transformation triumphs,  and proof of gains.  

Players are also rewarded for supporting others by sharing information, inspiration and insight while being authentic, accountable and transparent.  This creates an unbiased resource of wholesome products, proven methods and authenticated role models verified to  empower Fit Advancements, Mind Enhancements and Dream Achievements. 

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